My friend stabbed someone 7 times yesterday in Mexico.

I swear, I do have boring days…I just post the insane stuff.

So my boyfriend’s neice and her hubby have a vacation house in Mexico. Near Telum I think, but they spend most of the summer there…at least for the past 2 years that they have owned it. So my bf’s brother and his wife, as well as bf’s mom and dad all went down for a week to see the new grand baby and their daughter and clan.

This past Friday night, they were kindof packing and organizing and getting things ready to fly home that next morning. They had all the windows and doors open because they are on the ocean and use mother nature in lieu of A/C.

Bf’s sis-in-law asks bf’s brother, “John (not real name), Did you move my purse? It was sitting on my suitcase just now right by the door and it has out passports and boarding passes?” John replies that he has not touched it. Thier daughter, the co-owner of the home and Mom of a one year old, instantly lets out a blood curdling scream as she sees a man run through the back of the mansion. Her hubby (well call him Dave) is upstairs putting the baby to bed and sprints down to catch a glimpse of a 2nd man running out. He and bf’s brother gave chase and apparently on the way out Dave grabbed the first tool he could get his hand on. Upon tackling the two men, Dave stabbed one of them 7 times with a screw driver as they fought and beat the hell out of each other. John beat his guy almost unconscious, and then realized what was happening and stopped Dave before he killed his guy.

Now, while this is going on, Sarah (not real name either) who is John’s other daughter and she happens to be an assistant District Attorney had run out front and jumped in the rental car to try to drive down the street and see if her Dad and brother in law are ok (it is a very secluded/ no neighbors) she does not even get the door shut to the car before 2 more guys rise up from the back seat and proceed to beat the shit out of her (mostly blows to the back of her head). Apparently they were hiding and hoping to make a run when no one was looking. Sarah grabbed the keys out of the ignition and rolls out of the car and got up to run back to the house. By now, her hysterical Mom had run out to help her and the 2 men who attacked her ran away.

Now all of this was relayed by my bf’s parents so there are some holes, but if I find out more details I will update.

As of now, they are all back state side and I think they are planning to sell the house. I cannot imagine them ever feeling safe with their new born there again. But I still cannot believe Dave stabbed the guy! Not that I disagree at all, he has just always been so passive in life. I am kindof in awe of his primal instinct to protect his family and I hope he is doing ok. Sarah too, I have not gotten to talk to any of them, but I am certain they are all pretty shaken. It sounds like a movie, not a real event.

jesuschristo :eek: I am so glad they are safe at home.

And I can’t wait to move away from the Mexican border, it’s insane even here.
MrTao’s family is all from Mexico originally and they disown anything going on there. It’s gotten so out of hand. There’s a subsection of people, many FROM Mexico, that wish the US would get out of Afghanistan and enter Mexico. It’s just that out of control, and affects the US directly.

Taomist my guy had toyed with the idea of getting a place there, after hearing his niece speak of the good price and beauty in the not overly developed area they found. He has clearly decided Mexico is as scary as the media portrays it to be.

Good God! It’s good that they all made it out okay!

I think you and your family have earned at least a decade of nice, quiet, boring years. Maybe Canada’s a better direction than Mexico?

Agreed, InternetLegend :slight_smile:

Ho-ly shit! Glad everyone is back home!

How’s the guy that got stabbed? Are the Mexican police involved?

I’d be terrified to live in mansion in a remote “foreigner” area, there have been a couple attacks in Trinidad in just such circumstances, even a US supreme court justice was robbed in Nevis. I feel safer in the “ghetto” and big city because there are always people around.

Dave stabbed a guy seven times for stealing a purse?

At least seven.

It had skittles in it.

Oh, well, skittles…

When I go to Mexico on vacation I just put strychnine in the guacamole.

I assume he stabbed the guy in a rage thinking…I have worked my whole life to provide a safe and beautiful home for my family and he opposed the idea of someone coming in and potentially robbing and killing them. The guy is alive as far as I know, and I was a bit surprised that they were not held for questioning etc. But my future in laws said the cops pretty much thanked him for his assistance and said the guy got what he deserved…but again, I got this story from the most elderly folks on the trip. I am certain details may vary slightly when I talk to Dave and John.
I don’t condone random violence, but I also don’t offer up my family and belongings to criminals. Who knows what they had planned?

Something much bigger than a purse snatching, the two guys hiding in the car is strange, I’m guessing they decided to abort for whatever reason.

That’s what I wonder…

There were what, 4 guys? If it was supposed to be a home invasion, why would one of them bother to snatch the purse from inside the front door? If it was supposed to be an ambush when somebody left the house, same question? If it was just supposed to be snatch-and-dash, why did they need four guys? And why did two of them immediately hide in the car?


Perhaps they were frightened that someone would stab them to death with screwdrivers. :slight_smile:

I’d rather be stabbed with a screwdriver than chopped with a machete.

Home invasions aren’t a joke.

I saw the thread title and initially thought, “Wow, Super Kapowzler has taken a dark turn.”

Is that because they put salt on your margarita?

No, that’s PSXer.