Opinions on the Falcon Lake "Murder"

I’ve been away a little bit–I don’t know if there have been any threads about this incident–Mods–let me know.

So what do all you folks in other parts of the world know or think of this alleged incident?

Just asking. :dubious:

The lead homicide investigator’s head was delivered to the Mexican military in a briefcase.:eek:

I initially was suspicious of the wife. I don’t think she went so far as to kill the lead investigator and deliver his head to throw off the scent, so I think it’s pretty straightforward. It probably happened the way the wife said it did. Not much to add to that, other than the usual, “the drug cartel problems in Mexico are shocking/horrifying” stuff. And of course, it is, but that’s a different thread.

I don’t know if I buy the wife’s story. How could she possibly be alive if it happened the way she says? I think she hired someone on the mexican side to kill her husband, and turned around to make sure the job was done. That’s why she got blood on her lifejacket. Whoever she hired obviously doesn’t want to get caught.

They should have stayed away from the Falcon Lake.

I agree with you all. I tend to think the husband is still alive, or she killed him. It could really be the perfect crime. Since it occurred in Mexico, the only thing she could even be charged with here is filing a false police report. They can’t even make her take a lie detector test. But then, I saw her on the news last night discussing the murder of the Mexican homicide investigator. She looked as indifferent as she has when she has discussed her husband’s “death”. Cold, cold as ice. The whole situation is bizarro, and I can fill ya’ll in with some more stuff when this is resolved, or at least more distant from my AO.Thanks for your input.