A man, his dead wife and a pizza place

On the radio this morning, I heard an odd conversation about a man who killed his wife, 'cause she looked like the Devil, chopped her up an cooked her for a couple of days at his pizza and taco joint. He got caught as he was placing his wife’s severed head on a neighbor’s back porch.

Did anyone else hear of this? Does anyone have a link to a news cite?

Top o’ the morning, Chief! Try The Morgue - Internet Crime Archives.

Scroll down until you find Kevin Artz. Extra jalapenos with that, please.

Thanks, beatle! You are truly a never-ending font of disturbing information.

that was local for me. (it happened in Jackson Michigan, I’m a little north of that).

Here’s my link for the Lansing State Journal, which probably can get you the articles of recent note here he was just found guilty yesterday after abou 6 hours deliberation (according to the news this am). He’d had brain surgery 2 weeks before the killing, and failed to recognize people he’d known for years.

he also sold tacos.

Does that mean that you had to tip the pizza delivery guy extra… if the wife’s body parts came with the 'za?

::running for the “sick and twisted” threads::