I was hanging with a maybe killer last night.

The wife and I, and the Kid and the BF were at our usual wings/beer sports bar last night, to ease me out of my essentially crappy day. I got there first by myself, the girls were at some jewelry party, BF came from work downstate, and met me first. Then the girls came, and we were hanging out, munching wings, watching baseball. I was flirting lightly with a couple of our regular waitresses, which I get to do when we’re there because they don’t take me seriously and the wife knows that.

Anyway, we were all there when HE came in.

Who’s he? This is he.

We used to live in the next town from him, and have a lot of friends in his town, including several cops, including the ex-chief. So we’ve seen him plenty of times, I even met the missing wife once or twice. Really nice girl, very fond of tight denim, and she made it work for her.

But I digress. You want facts. Ok, yes he was with a date. Cute-ish brunette, maybe 5’7". 24 years old - one of our waitress friends was serving them and carded her. Just after one of the local HS football games ended, a bunch of cheerleaders, players and coaches came in. We joked that maybe he was going to dump the girlfriend for a nice cheerleader more his type.

Everyone in the place knew he was there, and he knew we all knew. I think that place broke the single day record for text messages from a single place. One of the football coaches was at the table by us and was not happy. Kept mumbling to his friends about how he and a few of them ought to inflict some vigilante justice.

So, the kicker to this sorta? This place we were in, is in the same town where this lady is from. The high school team that was in there is the same high school she used to hang out and workout in. And the last time we were there, actually only on Monday - her husband was there.

Wait, it gets better. He sat in the same booth with his kids, as Drew was in last night.

And the same waitress served them.

Aint nobody going to tell me this is a sleepy suburb, not with this kind of action going on.

Weird! Not to be a topper or anything, but I found myself unwittingly hanging out with a definitely killer one time. And it was post-murder pre-arrest. I didn’t believe my friend when he told me about the arrest a few weeks later but then I was scared shitless when I went online and found out it was true. I was arguing politics with this guy borderline heatedly and it turned out he was a neo-Nazi killer. This guy.

Wait a second - dude has a third wife who was killed, a fourth wife who is missing, and women are still DATING HIM?!? How do they see anything for all the flashing warning signs?

Dunno, I’m with you there.

A couple months back he was dating a 22 year old from a tanning parlor until some newspaper or TV station took some pictures. People she knew recognized her- her mother included, and when they broke up she blamed the press and her mother for intruding on her privacy.

In a similar vein, a friend of mine was invited to join Cary Stayner in the hot tub of the hotel where he worked. Very creepy.

I also don’t get why anyone would go out with the guy mentioned in the OP.

Convicted murderers get love letters and proposals in prison all the time. It’s not surprising that this creep can find a girlfriend in the free world.

He probably has them convinced that no one understands him, he’s innocent, someone else committed the crimes and it’s all just a great big coincidence. There’s also women who like that sort of thing, that thrill of never knowing for certain if he did it. Some women are attracted to danger and would date him even if they knew for certain he was a murderer. They may think they can change him or that they are safe with him because they are special and he would never ever hurt them.

Plus he’s a cop! Cops are always good guys, right? Their families don’t like him just because he cheated on his third wife with the fourth while the fourth was (IIRC) practically a teenager. And the fourth wife’s family is just covering up for her infidelity!


Fuck you cunts.

Imagine if this bloke is innocent.

You fucking twats. There’s no logic to not allowing judicial punishment (because of a certain standard of proof) yet allowing societal punishment (because of some lower standard of proof)

Either push for his imprisoment or fuck off you pathetic attention seeking retards.

Personal insults like the ones you’ve lobbed in this post are not allowed in any forum except the Pit. Do not do this again if you want to continue posting here.

Besides which, innocent is not the same thing as “not guilty”.

Skipping from media notoriety to societal punishment is quite a hop in any case.

There is right now, enough to take him to trial on at least one wives death. Not quite enough to get a Guilty, which is why he isn’t charged yet. If he is shown to have done the first (excuse me - 3rd) wife, how innocent does that make him sound for #4?
ETA: And read the thread title. Up there where it says “maybe”

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btw- was her name ‘old Lucy Brown’…?

Or maybe they have a death wish and want to be killed.

A tip of the hat to you, sir.

Anyway my guess is “daddy issues.” This guy has a history of marrying younger women, so my theory would be that he’s very personal and obviously authoritative, and there’s definitely a group of women who respond to that.

That’s true enough. For me, the first level of “no way in hell, dude” is the suspicion of not one but two women he was married to not making it to old age. The second level is that anyone marrying this guy would be his FIFTH wife - that’s a whole lotta crazy right there. The third level is how young the women he dates are - age-appropriate relationships are usually a good thing. But, to each their own, I guess - he certainly wouldn’t make my short-list of guys to date if I was looking.

I have to admit I would be a bit freaked out seeing him(D. Peterson) there, and with a date no less. ICK.
And no, I haven’t convicted him, I just think he is creepy, and has a huge ego. I have seen him on a number of shows, and find it hard to believe he found even one woman willing to marry him.
I bet he loves knowing he is the topic of so many converstations. That seems to be his style.

He was in the booth, turned to face the room with a kind if a smirk. It definitely seemed as though he enjoyed it. I remember him in an interview a while back even saying that. About how when he goes somewhere in public he can see the room change - he had a huge grin on his face as he said it.

Well, it’s an interesting situation, but I probably wouldn’t recognize a murder suspect in a crowded public place, unless I were looking for him. Everyone noticed him? That seems like a small-town atmosphere to me.

He’s really, really recognizable. Stacy Peterson’s disappearance and the suspicion of her husband’s involvement has been all over the news in Chicago on and off for the past year, he’s been on TV with his lawyer making statements, and then there was the inquest into his 3rd wife’s “accidental” death - which was IIRC initially investigated by the police in the very town that he was a cop in - which revealed that it was in the coroner’s opinion a homicide. He’s big news. Not so much lately, maybe, but after months of watching his smirking face on the news, I’d recognize him.

I guess I don’t watch enough TV. There’s another Peterson in California (Scot) who’s on death row, but I don’t think I’d recognize him in a restaurant.