Would you be a reasonable suspect in anyone's murder?

Before you answer, please consider the folllowing. I am not asking if you would commit murder; I’m not even asking if you’d kill in self-defense. I am certainly not asking if you have ever committed murder, and anyone who has is invented to keep that fact to his or her own damn self. I am asking if there is any person who, if they were found dead under suspicious circumstances, a competent & unbiased police detective would quickly decide that you were a reasonable suspect and should be investigated.

Wow, that’s an awkward sentence.


Wouldn’t any of us who are in relationships be the automatic prime suspect if the partner was murdered?

(Yeah, there’s another awkward sentence, but I’m tired and you know what I mean.)

I already voted no… but I may have to rethink that.

NOBODY who knows me or my family believes I would ever hurt my wife. But even so, if she were ever murdered, I have to figure the police would (initially, at least) regard me as the #1 suspect, just because I’m her husband!

Well I said yes, because like any other married man I’d be the prime suspect if my wife turned up dead some day. And some people have commented that I look like I might be an axe murderer. It just depends on how I’m dressed and groomed.

I’m married and I have an ex husband so that puts me at least on the list for two.

I guess I should stop joking about my husbands life insurance.

Yeah, the spouse is always a suspect. A cop would get fired for not starting there first.

So yes, for sure!

There are also a couple of people from a long, long time ago in my past that I would have killed had I got the chance, one in self-defense and one for deeds committed on my family. Now, of course, I’m glad/grateful things resolved differently, but I imagine anyone knowing that much about me might wonder if, 25 years later, I was just taking my time about it.

So I voted multiple; can I still have pie?

I think the operative word there is “reasonable”. It might not seem reasonable to you, but it does to the police.

I can’t even squash bugs. I think a cop would probably pick up on that very quickly.

Being accused of murder is one of my weird irrational fears.

I’ve been married for 35 years, and in addition to my husband’s hypothetical murder, I’d probably be at least a suspect (as in, I’ve got motive) if other people turned up dead.

Also, my husband wants coconut cream pie.

Not just romantic relationships; cops will at least take a look at friends and business associates, too. Stranger killings are rather rare.

So, yes, if any of my friends showed up dead, I imagine the police would at least take a look at me.

I have an ex. I wouldn’t be unhappy if she were to be fished out of the river, her legs and arms duct taped to

N/M I’ve said too much already.

Let me preface by saying I would never kill anyone for any reason. If my wife was killed, I’m sure I’d be investigated as the surviving spouse. They’d quickly rule me out. If my former boss who screwed me out of a promotion was killed, I might be on the list of people to take a look at. Since I wouldn’t have done the deed in the first place, there wouldn’t be anything to connect me with the crime.

I know a little bit about how these things work… IF you have an ex wife… current wife… current husband… ex husband… Just go ahead and check multiples… because… yes… you’ll be immediately looked at … unless you’re already in jail… live very far away… or say incapacitated in the hospital.

Just as this guy asked me years ago at a party… (finding out I was in law Enforcement)… 'C’mon… brother to brother… do you really thing OJ did it…"… my answer… “Hell yeah he did it!!!”…

These “I have a spouse” answers are not in the spirit of the OP I think, because they are incredibly boring.

Probably not now but at one time I had an ex-roommate who people knew had threatened me and I was carrying around weapons to defend myself should him and his friends fulfill their threat because we didn’t get our security deposit back when we were forced to move out because him and his GF were filthy meth head pigs. If the detectives were competent and asked enough people that he knew, he/she might find out that threats were made and that I told some people I would enjoy doing X, Y, and Z to him if he dared try to mess with me. But it’s been 5 years, so nowadays I can’t think of anyone who could turn up dead that I would reasonably be a suspect, I’m too much of a shut-in nowadays.

Boring: I’m married. However, I’m also crazy in love with him and he’s my best friend.

Not as boring: My father-in-law (who’s a waste of good carbon atoms), maybe for one of my sisters-in-law (history of some animosity), the guy who sexually assaulted me back in college, or one of the administrators at work.

I’m a quiet neighbor who has never given anybody any trouble, so I guess that makes me the prime suspect in most murder mysteries.

Yes, for several persons, whom I wil not name or hint at in case one does turn up dead. I don’t want to give the authorities any further reason to move me from the “reasonable” to the “likely” suspects list.

Well, there’s my cheating ex who gets about half of my monthly income while she is alive for the next 6 years…and whose death yields a considerable life insurance benefit, a house, my 30’ extension ladder, and full custody of my kids.

Apart from her I can’t think of anyone else who presents a reasonable motive.

I voted no, b/c I really didn’t understand the question. Change me to a yes. Probably moreso for my Ex* than my spouse.
(Plus also I less than three coconut pie)

  • Just because of some crap that happened in the past, I’m actually really good friends with my ex & besides that don’t really have it in me to kill anybody.

There are two people in my life that I very much wish would disappear, and quite a few people are aware of my feelings (and share them). If either of the two individuals were to meet with foul play, I’m sure the police would consider me a person of interest, at least initially.