Miracle Water

I ordered mine, have you ordered yours yet?


Yes, I ordered mine and it made me report it to a mod! Amazing.

Nah, I don’t think the OP is actually trying to sell anything.

Yes I could have posted it differently, but all you had to do was look at the link.

We don’t tend to like posts consisting of one sentence and a link. The vast majority of people are NOT going to click on that link. They’re also going to think less of you as a poster.

Hmm. On the one hand, the guy is clearly a scumbag, ruthlessly exploiting morons for personal financial gain.

On the other hand, if people are stupid enough to give this man money, I can’t really blame him for taking it.

My apologies, I saw the recent join date and nothing but a link. However, maybe I will order some and hope the guy does become Satan’s car salesman.

BTW, why is the link in the OP to Google, but actually resolves to this page? Why not just link directly to that page?

Link Chasing Not I do.

Don’t order that stuff, it’s probably full of dihydrogen monoxide.

Scary stuff that is, did you know that it can Kill You? Just a lungful or two and you are toast.



…smells like pus, so Hydrogen Peroxide.

That’s what he WANTS you to think! :smiley:

I can answer how: probably had a Google search open and copied the link from the search page, instead of the actual page.

Shame you asked why. Are you sure you don’t want to know how?

OK, I will say it- anyone who sends money to Peter Popoff after the multiple exposes’ just deserves to lose it. Alas, I’m too ethical to set up something where they can lose it to me.

And here I thought the whole thread was about Vitamin Water ZERO™… the amazing DIET water!