Miracle Whip "There's a party in my mouth." - WTF?

There’s a new Miracle Whip commercial on TV in which a guy is eating a sandwich and declares that Miracle Whip is like a party in his mouth…and everyone’s going to be there. Dear Og, what were they thinking? Yeah, guy, I’m just sure everybody’s coming.

Disclaimer - I love Miracle Whip, but the impression this commercial is going to leave on people isn’t going to win them any converts. And it’s bound to put people off from having sandwiches at lunch. Or switch to mustard. Way to drive up sales, Kraft.


(Link broken, because although the ad airs during prime time TV hours, the “oral sex” comments on the YouTube page may give someone looking over your shoulder at work the wrong impression.)

Simpsons did it

Reminds me of Dawn on Buffy.


Reminds me of Yo Gabba Gabba - yeaaaaaah!

Even better that they are advertising a white creamy substance.

It’s not an easy task to make that vile glop seem appealing. Cut them some slack.

I was thinking the very same thing!:smiley:

The Simpsons did do this almost 20 years ago in two separate episodes (“Flaming Moe’s” in 11/91 and “Homer at the Bat” in 2/92). I always thought the Simpsons writers were making a reference to an older slogan they thought was terrible, but if so, I can’t find what it is. Meanwhile Miracle Whip does seem to be trying to reach out to hip kids, so I guess that’s why they picked a slogan most people would understand is ironic and that many would recognize from The Simpsons.

Or possibly a reference to the 1985 EP by Snatch “If the party’s in your mouth, we’re coming”.

And in its cousin, Futurama, Fry says “It’s like there’s a party in my mouth… and everyone’s throwing up.” (Parasites Lost)

I believe it’s an old high school taunt. “I hear there’s gonna be a party…in your mouth! Everyone’s coming!”

The slogan is a lot better than the reality: “There’s an oil refinery in my mouth!”

My mother often says “Go easy on the Miracle Whip”, meaning “don’t drink too much”. Is this from something?

I don’t really see the big deal. I mean, in the Simpsons version, they’re not referring to oral sex, so why would they be here?

Consumption of Miracle Whip, much like excessive consumption of alcohol, will likely induce vomitting?

Vile. Sweet. Nasty. Excuse me, I’m sick…

N B4 Grapist reference.

I don’t think the whole “party in mouth” thing would exist but for the punny “joke”, which always ended with a variation of “and everybody is coming”.

Yeah, it’s an old insult we used to hurl at each other as kids, which long predates the Simpsons. The Simpsons didn’t originate the joke.

But wouldn’t everyone coming in your mouth taste really bad, not good?