That stupid Miracle Whip ad.

In case you haven’t seen it:

Do they really think this ad is going to sell Miracle Whip to that demographic. I can’t even figure out what that demographic is. Some sort of “hip” young people - with 'tude man!

It’s like something created by a middle aged man who thinks he understands young people. Even worse, he’s not even misunderstanding the current generation, he’s off by one or two.

You mean, it isn’t all wedgey, and stuff? Oh.

Well considering the product, you can’t expect the commercial to be in good taste either.

I am a unique spirit. Miracle Whip. ™

These ads bug me as well. Trying to sell tangy mayo on some kind of youth-focused attitude campaign is about the dumbest thing I could think of. All it’s missing is “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”

I will say, though, Miracle Whip can make a turkey sandwich sing. Growing up, Miracle Whip is all we ever had in the house. I thought it’s what mayo was. I wondered why everybody else’s mayonnaise seemed so bland. I don’t buy it now, partially because it has HFCS and partially because I know how to make a sandwich.

I grew up with it also. My mom never used real mayonnaise, always Miracle Whip. I prefer mustard on my sandwiches (Guldens, not that pansy ass French’s stuff, I got 'tude!) so I don’t have either mayonnaise or Miracle Whip at home, but I still have it sometimes when I visit my mother.

I guess that explains the attempt (however lame) at youth marketing.

You don’t sell groceries to those people, you sell frozen pizza and energy drinks.

I guess they figure they have to try. If my 80 year old mother uses it, and her 50 year old son shuns it, Miracle Whip may be in trouble.

Maybe if they added electrolytes…

It’s got what sandwiches need! It’s got… paprika.

If their sales are slipping, all they need to do is have an ad campaign built entirely around the notion that it’s cheaper than mayo and has fewer calories than mayo. Economic incentive, diet incentive. Win/win.

You forgot… taste incentive! Win/win/WIN!

I know. Those were their original selling points, after all.

But then it wouldn’t have 'tude man! :stuck_out_tongue:

I too grew up with MW. Regular mayo seems, not bad…just bland.

Besides they make it seem like the Miracle Whip is addressing itself as “we”. Frankly, I don’t want a self aware hive mind on my sandwich. That’s just disgusting.

That’s funny, I take a bite and feel a wave of fear and horror go through the Force! (munch) Huh! There it is again! (munch)…

"I like MW on my hotdogs!! Yeah, that’s right man. No mustard for me, it’s *MW{/i] on MY hotdog. Because I’M the voice of a new generation and I REFUSE to tone it down…


Nuh-uh. Antioxidants.

excellent…Because whenever i see that ad … i want to throw full jars of mayo and MW at the people who thought this ad was good.

I kind of like that ad. Miracle Whip, it’s a rebel, man. It don’t play by your rules.

I’m more a mustard or fresh tomato guy, myself.

And caffeine.

Miracle Whip is the pus from boils on the devil’s ass.