Miracle Whip or Mayo

Which do you prefer?

I prefer mayonnaise – Best Foods (Hellman’s, in the East) – but I grew up on Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip still has its (limited) uses around here, but those uses are few and far between.

In my circle of friends and family, there is a strong preference for mayo. I happen to like both (pretty much equally) and have earned ‘pariah’ status as a result.

(I do hate the ‘fat free’ version of either.)

Mayo, the light version of Hellmann’s, usually mixed with mustard, regular yellow or spicy (when talking normal lunch meat type sandwiches). The totally fat free version of mayo is kinda funky. Have not tried olive oil kind yet. Full fat is delicious in a bad way, only eat it at restaurants when there is not a choice.

Used to like Miracle Whip but mostly lost my taste for it.

But I often just use yellow mustard, solo.


I was raised on Hellpersons, don’t know when I made the transition. I suppose it was when a past girlfriend made lunch meat sandwiches using Miracle Whip.

It’s been Miracle Whip now for the last couple decades.

Either or. I buy Miracle Whip for myself though, just because in my head for some reason it feels like it has a longer shelf life. Maybe because we always hear about the gastric horrors from mayo that’s gone bad, but no one tells of Miracle Whip going bad.

Modern commerical mayo does not go bad, homemade does, I’ve heard.

I prefer mayo because Miracle Whip tastes oddly sweet to me, and I don’t like the sweetness. Does anyone else find it rather sweet compared to mayo?

It’s supposed to be sweet. It makes it good with avocados, and pressed-beef or bologna sandwiches. (But I still prefer mayo on the latter.)

It’s Hellman’s for me because I don’t like the odd taste of Miracle Whip.

Depends on the application.

For sandwiches, I tend to reach for the Miracle Whip, because I like the extra zing. It’s both sweeter and more acidic than mayo. On turkey breast, especially, I like that.

For casseroles, salad dressings, on hamburgers and mixed with ketchup for french fry dipping, it’s mayo all the way.

The few times I’ve made mayo from scratch, by the way, it did taste closer to Miracle Whip than storebought mayo.

I grew up in a Miracle Whip household. I still use it for deviled eggs and cole slaw, but I love me some regular mayo and mustard on my sammich. So I have both.

Mayonnaise always seems pretty tasteless to me. Miracle Whip at least adds a distinct flavour.

Usually I make light of the board tradition of the “You fool, you forgot ___” option that is often added to polls, seemingly out of tradition (and is rarely used), but in this case, that’s my vote.

I greatly prefer Kraft Sandwich Spread to either. Very few times will I use mayo (one exception being making tuna sandwiches, or cucumber sandwiches), and there I don’t care what kind (usually just buy what’s cheapest), but Kraft Sandwich Spread is the nectar of the gods IMHO. (I have to do a grocery store run alter today just to buy some more because we’re out. And it’s getting harder and harder to find, I wouldn’t be surprised (though I would be inconsolable) if it just one day stopped being made). The stuff is delicious.

This is also one of the only products to where I am extremely brand loyal. Heinz also makes sandwich spread, but, rather than being the nectar of the gods, comes from the pits of hell itself.

The preceding message is solely the opinion of Doper dhkendall. dhkendall was not paid by Kraft to post this message, although if he was, he’d insist on being paid in Sandwich Spread.

I’ve only had Miracle Whip a few times, but I remember that I didn’t much care for it. It seemed like the sort of product that would appeal to people who also like sweet pickles (I don’t). It dominated the sandwich, drowning out the other flavors rather than complementing them the way mayonnaise does. Mayo is a team player, whereas Miracle Whip is an attention whore.

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I’ve never had Miracle Whip that I’m aware of, so mayo, I guess. I’m not huge on that either, though, I can’t remember ever buying it to keep in my own fridge.

Mayo all the way. Miracle Whip adds flavors I generally either don’t want or can arrive at all on my own. That non-fat stuff is disgusting, IMO. Even the “lite” mayo tastes weird to me.

I like them both pretty much equally, though if you get reduced fat or low calorie versions, I found the low calorie/low fat version of Miracle Whip is better than the low fat/low calorie versions of mayo