Hold the Mayo...

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

I’m a Miracle Whip man myself… I love the taste of it with just about anything. In fact, I only have that in my house…

What do you prefer?

Yer pal,

I like either HELLmann’s Mayonaise or Miracle whip. It depends on my mood or what I am eating at the time. Variety is the spice of life.

Satan, YOU like MIRACLE whip? I would have thought HELLmann’s, huh? Go figure! :wink:

Miracle Whip on sandwiches, mayonnaise for cooking. Don’t ask me why; I’ve always done it that way. Just like dear old mom.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

  • Miracle Whip mixed with shredded lettuce and chopped onions makes a great topping for burgers

  • Miracle Whip in potatoe salad, tuna salad

  • Mayo makes a better base for homemade tartar sauce

I can’t stand both. Miracle Whip tastes like mayonnaise that someone pissed in, and mayo tastes like congealed liposuction goo. I can’t eat either of them straight, or just on things. Mayo, however, I will use IN things from time to time, especially salads and hot dips. So I guess I prefer mayo, because I don’t think I’ve ever bought or used Miracle Crap in my life.

I use mayo.By the way,Satan,miracle whip works well as a lubricant!heh heh :wink:

Miracle Whip. Definitely. Even the fat-free Miracle Whip is better than mayo.

Fantastic User said:

Aha! We’ve figured you out, Mr. Quayle! Came to hide on this message board after your most recent failed presidential run, eh?


NEVER Miracle Whip.

Best Foods, if you are west of the Mississippi, Hellman’s if you are east of it (it’s the same stuff, different name).

Of course, homemade tastes even better!

(going off to clog my arteries some more with mayonnaise injections…)

David, Mr. Quayle is indeed here. After all I think I shoved him up Satan’s ass in another thread.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

I think Mr. Quayle is heather’s spelling coach! Could not resist,Too good! :smiley:

Miracle Whip all the way…mayo is just so…bland!


David and UncleB, see www.xmission.com/~mwalker/DQ/quayle/qq/quayle.quotes.html

I don’t like either, but i like the commercial where the dog fixes his master a sandwich, but tosses it b/c no miracle whip.

that’s hilarious

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I’ve always used mayonnaise exclusively, as a matter of snobbish pride. Don’t think I’ve ever had Miracle Whip in the house. It doesn’t appear in my food reference books, either. I always thought of it as some kind of mayonnaise substitute…does it not have eggs in it? A different kind of oil?

Just what the hell IS Miracle Whip?


Re: What is Miracle Whip?
As my roommate says, “Jizz in a jar.”

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

Mayo–nothing else even comes close.

When I was a kid, and I first heard about the “Guinness (sp?) Book of World Records” and that some of the records entailed eating various foods–I had a fantasy of someday having my name entered as a result of having set the record in mayo eating. No joke, I liked may that much.

(waxing more nostalgic)

A favorite food of mine growing up was a may sandwich (nothing else, just a huge dollop between two pieces of bread) cut in half and soaked in chocolate milk. Those were the days.

Okay, I think I should stay away from this thread. If I puke on these keyboards, I’m the one who has to clean it up.

No, no kidding. What IS Miracle Whip?

Don’t make me go to a deli over lunch and read a jar!

DSYoungEsq–Hellman’s is BestFoods west of the Rockies, not the Mississippi. I think it even says so on the label.
Mayonaisse is better. Don’t ever try to make Ranch dressing with Miracle Whip, please.

Come to kindly terms with your ass, for it bears you.

I wouldn’t lube my lawnmower Miracle Whip or commercial mayo.

Homemade mayo is the only way to go.