mIRC Help! Calling network types for help!


I can’t use mIRC (I’m trying to connect to DALnet) and I don’t have quite enough of a network background to figure out how to fix it.

I’m getting two error messages:

The first (and most common by like 15-to-1) is
10054-Connection Reset by Peer

Second error message (very infrequent) is
Closing link (No more connections in your class (server is full))

I’m using a Linksys router as a Firewall (and just barely understand how it works). Could that have something to do with it?



This should help with one of them: http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/servererrors.html

Open your router’s admin page. Do the following:

Open a web browser.
Type in the address line.
At the password box, leave username blank and type “admin” as the password (unless you’ve changed it to something else).
Click on orange “advanced” tab.
Click on “Forwarding” tab.
You’ll have to open port 113 for the computer that used mIRC.

This should be covered in your router manual and www.linksys.com

Bryan: it looks like this is the problem, but I’m still stuck at one point. Once I tell it to open port 113, the same exact username and password box appears. I have not changed my username or password, but it won’t accept “admin”.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thansk for all the help!


You shouldn’t even be able to get the port screen unless the router accepts your password. All the times I’ve modified the settings on linksys routers, I’ve only ever had to type the username and password once, and only at the initial screen. You didn’t hit CAPS LOCK by mistake, did you?

No, I checked CAPS LOCK first…

I ended up just using the “Reset” button on the front of the router and things worked fine after that, so something was FUBAR and resetting fixed it.

Thanks for the help! I’m now IRCing happily!


I’ve done it by setting up port triggering instead. If any machine goes out on common IRC ports (6660-6670, 7000) open up ident port 113 back to the client. This has the added benefit of allowing any machine on your LAN to use IRC.

On the triggering config screen, looks like:
1: IRC 6660~6670 113~113
2: IRC2 7000~7000 113~113

sigSEGV: So if I understand you correctly, with port-triggering, port 113 would be closed UNLESS I was using an IRC program. Correct?




Right. Port 113 from the outside world will not be available until the first packet you send to an IRC server is sent out. And then allowing it in should timeout eventually (probably a few minutes) once the IRC server is done with it.

sigSEGV: If I was gonna host an FTP site briefly, what ident port would I use and what um…other ports (6660, etc for IRC) would I use?

Thanks for the help, BTW.

And welcome to the SDMB! Don’t relurk! :smiley: