Mirena girls - anybody stop menstruating immediately? (Maybe TMI.)

I’m calling my doctor for a follow-up anyway (she said six weeks so they can do another ultrasound just to make sure after I have another period, but…), but wanted to know if anybody else has had this happen - I know a lot of people stop menstruating on Mirena, which was a selling point for me, but I wasn’t under the impression that it happens immediately. (Pregnancy test negative.) Am I just crazy lucky, or have other people had the same thing happen?

I stopped immediately. I have used the the pill (Ovcon 35, if memory serves–it was a while ago) and Mirena, and never menstruated on either one. Result: I can count on one hand (okay, maybe 2) the number of periods I have had since starting college, but I conceived three children with no problem at all.

Thanks - it’s a relief to hear the same thing from other people. I’ve been taking the Pill continuously for several years, just having periods when I didn’t manage to get to the pharmacy for a refill in time. I guess my body’s used to it.

Oh god, I hope so. I’m going to have a Mirena put in just as soon as my period kicks in (well, 5-8 days after that day) and I would seriously love that.

Well, I’m technically not a Mirena woman, but I’m quite friendly with one who has had it for 2.5 years. She spotted on-and-off for the first few months, still gets occasional tiny amounts of spotting, but overall she’s been freed of the monthly maroon monster, hurrah for everyone concerned!

Would this be good for someone whos in menopause?

Do you mean peri-menopause? Because I’m not sure why someone who can’t get pregnant would need a device to prevent pregnancy.

Peri. I was made to stop the pill because of my blood pressure. Its been 6 weeks and nothing. But I don’t need the pain if it returns.


I spotted for about a week after it was put in, then nothing for about three months. I now have light spotting every two months or so.

Mirena is not generally recommended for women with high blood pressure, although it’s not an automatic contraindication (it’s a “use cautiously in”.)

Other than that, Mirena can be used during perimenopause. If you’re on estrogen HRT and the Mirena, you’re more likely to have spotting and breakthrough bleeding for the first few months, but after that many perimenopausal women stop having periods, even if they’re taking estrogen too.

I stopped almost immediately with my first one. One very short, light period the first month after I got it put in, then nothing but a bit of spotting every few months until it was about time to change it.

Between Mirena number 1, pregnancy, lactational amenorrhoea and Mirena number 2 I’ve had 5 periods since February 2007.

Best invention ever.

I had some light spotting after it was put in, and then nothing, save some very occasional spotting (like once or twice a year). I’m on my second Mirena IUD now, and near the end of my last one (i.e., about 3.5 years after it was put in) I noticed an increase in spotting accompanied by slight cramping, presumably caused by the hormones in the IUD running low.

I don’t remember, but I think it was pretty quick that I stopped. Maybe I had the first period after I had the Mirena inserted, but it was light. Since then, nada. Some spotting, very infrequently.

Like **irishgirl **said. Best. Invention. Ever. Love it. Love love love it. I’m on my second.

I’d love to figure out a way for my two girls to have one. :-/ They’re both twelve so their first period is likely to be any day now and I don’t think I have what it takes to put up with the moaning and complaining. They act like they’re dying when they get a paper cut. What are they going to do with cramps and bloating? Hubby says he might move out.

I just sent off the check today for the bill. THIRTY DOLLARS after insurance. Jesus Christ, I about had a party.

Just one more reason to love Mirena. I seriously can’t understand why more healthcare providers don’t mention Mirena to their patients who are on BC, it totally kicks the pill’s ass!

I got my mirena in a couple of days ago and my period just completely stopped. I thought it was a miracle! lol but I hope it stays like this for a while! I want to be one of those people that can count the number of times they have had their period on one hand! :slight_smile:

My doctor is dead set on Mirena. You go into talk to him about birth control and he says that he swears by it 100%. that’s why i got this was because he said that this is the best birth control out there!