Mirror image?

Is it true that when you look into a normal mirror you do not see your image the way others see you? If you take another mirror and place it at a 90 degree angle on the first mirror and look into the corner created and move the images until they match, is that the way you look to other people? Not too clear but I hope you get the idea.

At some science museum, there was an exhibit where they took a video picture of your face, then showed you
a) the normal face
b) a reversed image
c) an image using the left side for both sides
d) an image using the right side for both sides

The images were definitely different. It was an amusing exhibit. I don’t know that one side was “friendlier” or “stronger” or whatever, but it was interesting.

Can you sneak up on your mirrior image? Mine always seems to catch me.

Basically, this is true, you see an image that is “flipped” left to right. Try an experiment. Stand in front of a mirror, then hold your right arm out to your side. Your arm looks like it is being held to your right.

Now stand in front of a friend. Ask them to hold their right arm out to their side. Their right arm is on your left.

If you look in a mirror image in a mirror (like the mirror at a 90 degree angle like you suggest) it will be double-reversed, or normal again. Unfortunately, you will see an image of yourself looking in a different direction, but hey, we can only do so much on a budget.