mirrored glasses

Hi all,
I was wondering what the difference is between mirrored and non mirrored sunglasses. What do the mirrors actually reflect, i.e. a particular wavelength of the EMS?
… john

They obviously reflect most of the visible spectrum as the image you see in a reflection seems pretty true-to-color. They also transmit most of the visible spectrum as what you see wearing them is also pretty true to color. So I surmise they are like partially silvered mirrors that transmit some and reflect some light. It is the latter that is providing you the protection from bright light.

What they do outside the visible spectrum I don’t know. However ordinary glass blocks almost all UV-B and about 25% of UV-A light.

Plus the chicks dig them. Duh.

Hi OldGuy,
Yes. That makes sense. The one’s I bought are plastic, and, as you say, show a faithful image from both sides of the lens; so I guess they partially block the visible spectrum, again … as you suggested. I’m thinking of using the lenses as cheap ND filters, since they seriously darken the image.
I will also try them on my IR camera to see if they attenuated the IR signal.
Hi Elendil’s Heir,
“Plus the chicks dig them.” Yes, but not these. These are UGLY.
… john

One word: Cool Hand Luke

I think you will be unhappy with using them as ND filters. Most cheap sunglasses are very poor optically. They are OK in front of your eyes, because your brain can compensate for the distortion, but they are going to ruin your photos.

They make me think of wrasslin’ legend Sgt. Slaughter.

Not these babies. They’re UGLY.
… john

Did he wear mirrored sunglasses when wrestling?
… john

What we have here is a failure to count.

Yes, I would suspect that too, but they’re actually not too bad, clarity wise. However, I was primarily interested in seeing how they compare with a regular ND filter (being mirrored and all), and I don’t see much difference. Comparing them to NDs that I have here, I would guess they’re about x12, very dark. I can’t imagine how someone would wears these in norm outdoors light, and be able to see.
Here’s link to a photo of them. (I couldn’t get anyone to pose for me with them on.:eek:)

… john

Nope, only when hollering at maggots (as a bad guy) and enemies of America (as a good guy).

These ones look more like something Max Headroom would have worn.
… john