Does anyone know where I could get a pair of chrome mirrorshades? I had a sweet set of Terminator Gargoyles, but they recently met their demise under the heel of a steel toed boot (snif). I look okay with the MIB raybans, but I’m an 80’s throwback and prefer the classic chrome look.

I would think any Sunglass Hut (mall store) or even a Harley dealer would be able to hook you up.


The trick is finding the chrome lenses. Sunglass hut doesn’t carry them anymore (last I was there), too 80s.

Do you have a model or anything MP? I found a crapload of Gargoyles on Ebay.

Actually, after some hunting I’ve decided that the pictures on the net just don’t convey the silver as well as I’d like. I was able to recognize the ones I owned as Silver Gargoyle Legends, which don’t look as much like the Terminator glasses as I remember, and aren’t quite chrome, but still do a good enough lob of reflecting people’s gaze back at them.

For that is the great thing about mirrorshades. Eyes (the gateway to the soul) give away a lot about what a person, but with sunglasses you can only guess at those reactions. Mirrors give the added bonus of making someone look at their own reflection, and into their own abyss.

Can you get mirrored contacts?

If I ever see them I will order them in a heartbeat.

Okay, after doing a search for them, I will order them after I have $350 to blow.

Actually they didn’t look all that cool n the pic, but the Black Light ones looked sweet.