Misbehaving ad

On the www.straightdope.com page, there’s currently an ad that’s coming up from New York Life insurance, about agape love. It takes up the full page, so you can’t do anything else on the page while it’s open. And it can’t be closed: If you click the X in the corner, it takes you to New York Life’s page in a new window, and leaves the old window still entirely owned by the ad.

At times I have been driven to open my browser’s html editor and simply delete the offending element.

How can you identify it in the code?

My usual trick is to right-click the ad and select the “inspect” menu, which opens a debugging window centered on the ad content. I usually the go back out a couple of levels of html elements to find the div or iframe that wraps the add and use the debugger’s “delete element” command.

Of course, this requires that you understand html well enough to recognize and kill the ad and not something needed in the page. Also, some ads override the right-mouse menu so it’s not as easy to enter the debugger focused on the ad.

The easy answer remains “good adblocker”.

Yeah, I don’t browse anywhere without one.

When I go to a web site that demands I disable my ad blocker, it’s like visiting an underwater grotto that demands I remove my scuba helmet,