Miscarriage of Justice Omnibus Thread

Does the canonization of Rittenhouse by the right bother you at all?

< takes a deep breath >

I was angry yesterday. I was angry with the murders… angry with the verdict… angry with a judge presiding who was so obviously compromised… angry with the prosecution not being up to snuff… angry that an elected official in Washington, DC actually encouraged people to arm themselves
and “be dangerous”. All of these things made me feel angry, sad, and discouraged about the future of America. I wrote some things in anger.

If I have offended any true liberal or Democrat, I’m sorry for that.

Hey, we’re all entitled to a little meltdown now and then, especially when provocation keeps on coming. Speaking for myself, I was more shocked and saddened than offended. That is to say, we’re cool.

Kevin Strickland has finally been freed:

Cop, convicted of rape, gets to serve his sentence at home.

Westerman was convicted in August of two counts of second-degree rape, third- and fourth-degree sexual offense and second-degree assault of a 22-year-old woman in October 2017. The 27-year-old officer was additionally convicted of second-degree assault of another woman in June 2019.

There is no justice

He hasn’t even been fired.

Westerman remained suspended from the force as of Tuesday.

Again, Maryland:

Dupree is also facing federal conspiracy charges related to a separate case pending in U.S. District Court. He was indicted over the summer alongside five other police officers who are accused of working together to orchestrate false thefts of their own debit cards or vehicles, and then reporting the fake crimes to law enforcement to collect insurance money.

As of last month, Dupree was still employed by the Fairmount Heights Police Department

What a dick!

Boffing one of the State attorney’s in a murder case.

A man who stopped his wife from drunk driving has been arrested on manslaughter charges after his wife was killed after being struck by a vehicle while she was walking home.

Alabama, man.

That is one crazy ass story.

Isn’t driving drunk a basic human right? /s

Are we sure he wasn’t arrested for being the worst Robin?

The linked page will not display for me in Safari; it is demanding that I download Microsoft Edge.

ETA: I tried on my iPhone and got

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Same here, but found another source.

I’ll tell you something and this is fact. Do you know why so many drunk drivers get in wrecks? It’s because they don’t learn how to drive drunk.

Try this: Man stopped wife from driving drunk. Police charged him when she died walking home - al.com

For those not following the links, the manslaughter charge was squashed/dismissed back in 2020 (death was in 2018). It’s back in the news because the husband is suing various people and entities involved in the death of his wife and the indictment.

This is fucking doubly heinous:

“They used perjured evidence to convict him and then charged the perjurer, and never told him. And then Willie was warehoused for 38 years,” Diamondstein said

They had a guy lie on the stand to convict him, then they prosecuted the guy that they got to lie on the stand.

In his view, the official misconduct stemmed from "institutional racism, or pure bias.”

“The cases needed to be closed. The inner city minority were interchangeable, as long has you had someone in the defendant’s chair,” he said.

Sad but true.

Another one I cannot wrap my head around.

Prosecutors KNEW that Brandon Gohagen raped the victim. But Gohagen said The DeJesus brothers murdered her.

Even though both brothers had confirmed alibis and there no evidence that tied either brother to the crime scene. ALL THEY HAD was a rapist’s word, which gave for a more favorable sentence.

Gohagen’s DNA was found at the crime scene, and he told authorities the DeJesus brothers forced him to rape Midkiff and then murdered her, Moran said.

What the Ever Loving Fuck???

Let us not ever assume that cops and prosecutors are good guys.

6 defendants, convicted only on the word of one eyewitness, spent decades in prison. Even though the eyewitness was a jilted lover of one of the dedendants and did not speak a word of English and the DATELINE TV program as able to show conclusively that the witness could not have seen or heard what she claimed to have seen or heard from where she claimed to have been at the time.

And then, AND THEN…it was shown that 2 violent gang members of the Sex Money Murder gang (real name) had admitted to killing the livery driver.

He ultimately discovered that two former S.M.M. members, who years earlier became government cooperators in a separate case, had admitted to fatally shooting a livery cab driver in a case that matched Mr. Diop’s murder.

Authorities made no attempt to free the Bronx 6, and did not contact their attorneys.

They knew that they were innocent, and left them to rot.

“It’s not our job to get them out of jail…” :roll_eyes: