Miscreant dyes cat pink

Some numpty has dyed a cat pink. Story and video here. I can’t muster the vitriol for a pitting. I can see that the cat will look gorgeous once the dye has grown out.

Why is this even a story? I have no sense of outrage for dying a cat. Sure, I think it is kind of stupid but not really harmful or traumatic. Images of dyed dogs.

I am Ogre’s complete lack of outrage.

I guess they just thought that pink was the natural color for a pussy.

That’s actually pretty cute. [d&r] I’m sure there will be, pardon the pun, some copycats in the offing…

Seriously, though, as far as animal abuse and pranks go, this is as benign as it gets. Better to be dyed pink than be dumped and left behind in a bin, anyway.

Just tell me this isn’t some viral marketer’s campaign for a sex boutique or strip club…

Pretty cat. And at least the perp was kind enough not to put any around her eyes and nose. Maybe they were trying to make their own version of the Pink Panther. :slight_smile:

(I love cats. I get positively incandescent over any cruelty to cats. Unless the dye is toxic (and the vet in the article says it isn’t), this one doesn’t even register on my meter.)

I can’t get worked up about this.
Had a friend who had a cat that liked hunting birds and such and friend got tired of finding horrible disemboweled gifts, so he used Manic Panic hair dye to put a glob of magenta on the cat’s white chest fur, and the cat never managed to be unnoticed by wildlife again.

The shaved ones, yeah.

There was a fad for dyed poodles in the 60’s (not widespread).

I can’t get too worked up about this. I must say the cat looks beautiful.

Cats do lick and eat their fur. I wouldn’t recommend this sort of thing, but I don’t guess once will cause any lasting damage to the animal.

Great way to make sure someone will feel sorry for the cat and adopt it - so maybe it was done by an animal lover instead of someone trying to start trouble. Or even by someone who just wanted a pink cat, and the cat ran off without the owner wanting it to.

Why assume there’s a miscreant involved? The cat might be a performance artist.

I suspect if they look for the owner of a blue cat and yellow cat, they may have their culprit.

I don’t know why this is news. I’m sure cats have been dyed for decades, and will probably be dyed for decades to come. As long as it’s not toxic, what’s the big deal?

It could be worse.

Someone shot our cat a few months back. I wish they’d dyed it instead.

Why is the cat’s balls between it’s front legs? That looks weirder than it’s pink fur.

The article said the SPCA was looking for the “perp.” Could someone really be charged with a cruelty to animals crime for something as benign as this? Or am I missing something?

I enjoy getting outraged about people that are mean to cats but really I can’t find anything here. I mean, they even carefully avoided the cat’s eyes and nose. WTF? How can I get pissed about this? So the cat’s pink, can cats even see pink? Even if they can I just can’t imagine that the cat really cares.

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I have a beautiful white cat, I have a friend who cat-sits when I’m on holiday. The friend drinks red wine. The cat is fond of headbutting hands when she wants fuss. Can you see where this is going?

My fury at this outrage burns with the strength of a wet piece of tissue at the bottom of a landfill site.

Every day is a slow news day in Swindon: Swindon is/are shit.