Mismastered CDs? [or DVDs]

I just got The Cult’s Beyond Good & Evil-wish I had downloaded all the cuts instead, because the sound is all distorted (moreso than usual for this band and noticeably different from Youtube videos of the same songs). I guess I’ll be sending this back to Amazon for a refund. Ever had a CD/DVD with a similar fault?

Metallica’s Death Magnetic caused a bit of a stir when it was released because it was mixed too hot. It was loud and blown out, with seriously compressed dynamic range and high distortion.

The “Guitar Hero: Metallica” version of the tracks (the whole album was available for the game) doesn’t suffer from these problems. Although I bought the CD, the version of the album that lives on my iPod is from Guitar Hero. It is significantly cleaner and better-mixed.

My copy of Stardust has the voice vs score levels very poorly mixed in places - sometimes you cannot hear what is being said unless you pump up the volume to where the score is deafening.

Early CDs are mastered with a very “wide” dynamic range which is great for home audio systems, but horrible for portable CD players or ripping to mp3 portables. These simply do not have the amp or volume control to crank it where you can hear it, so the music always sounds too soft.

Its not really the fault of the early masters that the tech most listeners used changed.

Portable players have no lack of loudness, I can hear retards with earbuds from 50 feet away because they’re doing their best to go as deaf as possible.

It’s all just the loudness wars where we’re all losers.

Cake’s first album Motorcade of Generosity sounds terrible. It’s very quiet. A friend told me there was a story behind how it came to be so bad but I can’t find reference to anything on the Internet so I’m not sure what it was or if it’s true :slight_smile:

Anyway, they re-issued it in 2009 and I suspect it is more…audible now.

The Nektar album Remember the Future was seriously mismastered on the original CD release. From Wikipedia: