Metallica: Death Magnetic

As everybody (should) know(s) Metallica is releasing a new album later this month, “Death Magnetic” and as a guy who really likes their stuff I got really giddy when my collegue pointed me to their YouTube page

Right here

It has the first single (The Day that Never Comes) from the album and I think it ROCKS!

So guys, whaddayathink?

(and if this thread already exists, I do apologize in advance)

Amen! I can’t wait to hear the entire album and see what Tru has brought to the table.

[throws horns]

Same here. Huge fan, still play their old stuff on a daily basis.
Master of Puppets, Justice, Ride the Lightning, Kill 'em All, some of Black…I can tolerate Garage Inc. I don’t like much stuff after the early 90’s. I’m hoping that Death Magnet brings back to life their earlier efforts.
More bass guitar, more solos, more drums. Let Lars be creative, kick up the amp on Trujillo’s bass, etc…
New producer, new bassist. Hopefully they’ve introduced some new sounds, some creativity and brought back some of the stuff that propelled them to one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands of all time. If this album flops, I won’t give up on them. I’ve still got 50 or so songs I can listen to that they crushed back in the day.

So far, what I’ve heard from Death Magnet has been good. St Anger, Load, Re-Load were not.

I like LOAD and RELOAD. Most of the stuff on ST ANGER made me cringe, thanks to Lars’ drum sound. It gave me a fucking headache, to be honest.

Hope I can see them on the upcoming tour. Saw 'em in '04 and they just blew me away.

I like what I’ve heard so far. In addition to The Day That Never Comes, there are a couple of other songs (Cyanide and My Apocalypse) floating around out there.

I prefer early Metallica, but I like their 90s output, and even St. Anger, although I agree that it’s their weakest album.

Oh yeah, StA is their weakest album, no argument from me there. I only like 3 songs from it—the title track, “Frantic” and “Invisible Kid.”

Yeah, I’ve caught them too. Sounds damn fine!

I’ve heard a big handful of songs from the album- and i couldn’t be more excited.

I was a little skeptical at first, but “The Day That Never Comes” has really really grown on me. I am stoked to buy this album. It will be the first music I’ve purchased in quite a long time.

A friend of mine has the whole leaked album. IT ROCKS!

Really good, bits of their older stuff, Black Album, and a little Load/Reload influence. I liked 7 or 8 of the songs on the first listen, now I like 9 of them. I’m still a little torn on Unforgiven III.

I’ve pre-ordered the CD from Amazon, it’s good.

I was in a car with someone a few days ago when a new Metallica song came on the radio. I was happy when the driver switched it off. I can’t stand Hetfield’s voice now, although at least the snare drum sounded more like a snare drum and not a big tin being beaten with a spoon.
My overall feeling is that Metallica should just stop making new music. They were once great, and had they called it quits after justice they would’ve possibly remained untouchable, but with every album since then they’ve just dragged my ears through a little more shit.

I have come to this conclusion as well. There’s something about the post-Black Album (when it came out it was different, but it was and is still good) stuff that just completely turns me off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I heard The Day That Never Comes on XM Mandatory Metallica a few times the other day and it hit me. “The Day That Never Comes-ah!” “Sing one phrase-ah. End them all like this-ah. Give it a little growl-ah.” Seriously, does he have to end every single phrase with that little grunt? It’s almost comical to me. So since I was listening to the 24/7 Metallica station, I started paying attention to the other songs. Stuff from Kill 'Em All through Justice didn’t have that kind of affectation.

Lyrical content-wise I was more impressed with it than with a lot of the newer stuff, and the guitar parts were good, especially at the end of the song. If they had made a whole song out of the end part of The Day That Never Comes it would have been pretty cool. I am interested in hearing some more of the new stuff, but still skeptical.

Yeah, it reminds me a lot of Anthony Kiedis’ “Hey-o, this is what I say-o.” Whatever, dude, you can’t rhyme-o. I almost feel a little embarrassed for them.

Good points, in The Day That Never Comes: Hetfield seems to have rediscovered what I like to call the “jugjugjugjug”: that nice, ballsy insistent rhythm. I like where the snare sits in the mix. And OMG: a proper lead!

I’d rate it right around the level of the Black album just on my small listen. Not my favorite by a long shot (the best metal album always has been and ever shall be Master of Puppets), but it’s tolerable. I won’t be running out to buy it though.

When I was a kid in the 80’s Metallica was fresh and pure and raw. It was so great. Now, they remind me of The Rolling Stones. They just don’t know when to quit. They’ve been too successful for too long and everything feels flat and forced.

When *Some Kind of Monster *was released everyone was saying how gritty, raw and pure it was. I was excited to see it. What a disappointment. The film basically glorified a bunch of whiny crybabies as they navigated lives many of us would be grateful to have. Yawn.

Pack 'er up, boys. Order some Mai Tais, sit by the pool, and call 'er good.

I don’t know whether to admire or mock Metallica for unironically coming out with an album with “DEATH” in the title, in today’s self-conscious hipster world. The fact that the guys are so old at this point doesn’t make me lean one way or the other, because it only makes it either more honest or more lame. The jury’s still out. Haven’t heard the album.

ARG, stop that, you’re gonna ruin it for me! I like the new album. Must not listen for -ahs. Must not listen for -ahs. :wink:

Hetfield’s vocals are definitely the weakest part of Metallica these days. It’s not so much any of his vocal affectations as it is that he’s just not that good a singer any more. I really cringed when they came out with “Turn the Page” way back when, as that song really showed off all of his vocal weaknesses.

Don’t pay attention to them! No-o-oooo-woah!

I have the album in my hand! Not supposed to be out until Sep 12th, but I guess Amazon didn’t pay attention to that. Or maybe they sent it to me UPS ground which usually takes 2 days, but UPS got here a day early.

Cool design, it’s a book-like thing with the coffin-shape cut out of each page progressively smaller, making the coffin have actual depth. Lyrics and stuff are included.

I’ve alreay heard the album but I’m happy to have bought the album and rewarded these guys for some kick-ass music. Regardless of the dumbass things Lars says, good music is good music.

I have noticed that metallica fans can usually be divided into two groups. The first group wants metallica to go back to their old sound, before the black album. The second group wants metallica to go back to their old sound, before st. anger.

I think both types of fans will probably be happy with the new album. It’s not quite like justice for all and ride the lightning, or like the black album, or like load/reload. It’s something different from their previous sound(s), but channeling some of the aspects of it that people liked.

I bought the disc this morning and I’ve been listening to it in the car-ah…I mean in the car. I’ve cycled through it twice now throughout the course of the day. The more I hear of it, the more it’s starting to grow on me. I’m not postive, but I think it might just be the shit.

I’ll be honest, I gave Metallica up for dead after St. Ass, and I was once an abject bitch for this band. Death Magnetic is a real return to form for them. It’s kind of a reset to what they were like pre-Load. I don’t think it’s Cliff era good, but it’s at least a return to Justice/Black era good.

It’s not new and exciting and innovative anymore, but it’s good, riff-based metal well-performed by seasoned pros.