Mismatched woodwork and redoing a bathroom.

So, every once in a while I think about re-doing one of my bathrooms. It’s a small half bath and I would only be redoing the vanity, sink, mirror, light, towel bar and paint. The toilet and floor are fine.
My concern has always been that I’ve never been in love with the color of the woodwork throughout the house, so if I redid the bathroom, the vanity (and possibly trim around the mirror) would be a different color. But the base trim and doors would be the original color.
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to go about this? My first thought is that the vanity would need to be a type of vanity that doesn’t require a trim around the base (oooh, that reminds me, I have to see if there is linoleum under it), but beyond that, is there some sort of chart or rule of thumb that could show me what colors of wood would go together? I’m horrible at eyeballing that type of thing.

ETA, there’s nothing wrong with the bathroom, it’s all in good repair and looks and works just fine, I was just thinking about doing this as a project…and to see if I can.

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Why not just replace the moldings in the half bath? Surely with a doorway there is a break so that they do not continue into the adjoining rooms.

To see what woods work together, surf This Old House website and visit some kitchen and bath remodel specialists.

Also, you can have a vanity with no wood trim on the bottom.

BTW, you are heavy into the ‘opinion zone’.

Can’t you paint the trim in the bathroom? Can you post a picture of the bathroom? That might help visualize it.