Misogynistic terms

Term for a woman who flirts to cause trouble

Colibri, how are you determining in a thread about misogynistic descriptors of women that some of the responses are worth noting while others are not?

I understand you flagged ones that are less likely to be considered synonyms you’d find in Roget’s than some others but considering the subject and the more serious answers are still misogynistic in nature and that jokes are allowed after some more serious responses how do you justify those particular notes?

This is not a complaint, but being a poster more likely than some to cross that blurry line I’d like to understand the reasoning.

Can you explain why you think this?

Because I think just about all of those terms would be flagged as misogynistic if used in threads about other subjects, if not by mods then by other Dopers.

I thought it was pretty clear that Colibri was modding anything that crossed the line from an objective discussion of semantics to “jokey” misogynistic digs. I.e., not related to the words themselves, but how they were being discussed. I mean, the words he modded were not misogynistic terms at all without context, the point was the not-so-subtle joke that all women are like this.

Well, the OP of that thread asked about a specific type of woman, or a specific type of behavior engaged in by some women, but it wasn’t casting aspersions on women in general. The posts that got modded, however, were.

Exactly correct. Certainly women who engage in such behavior exist, and there are words to describe them. Discussion of a subset of women whose behavior might be negative is not, in my view, misogynistic per se.

What crossed the line is stating that such negative behavior is characteristic of all women. Obviously it is not.

Likewise, a discussion of other words for “womanizer” would be allowed, but a reply that just said “Any man” would be out of line.

Just because jokes are allowed doesn’t mean all jokes are allowed.

I recognize those answers were jokes, but they were misogynistic jokes.

Depends on context. We don’t forbid any specific words here. In GQ, the use and origin of derogatory terms can be discussed, whereas these terms might be modded in other situations.

The entire thread is disgusting. Since it was bound to attract the best and brightest misogynists here, I think it should’ve been closed. It’s a subject that could be discussed intellectually someplace else, but not here.

FTR - While I was being a bit sarcastic with my response - I do simply call the 'women who flirt" - well - women - I don’t see the need to call them any other nickname (harpy, shrew, gossip, firewhatever) - they are all ‘women’.

Its also true that damn near ALL women (and ALL men) ‘flirt to cause trouble’ at some time or another - so its also not misogynist to state that - I say its MORE misogynist to have to give them a special nickname.

In any event - it was certainly not intended as claim of ‘hatred or dislike’ toward women - any more than calling them a ‘cock tease’ or an ‘attention whore’ was by other posters in the same thread.

…this is not true.

I do not believe this is true. But even if this was your point, it was entirely inappropriate to make it as a throwaway joke in GQ. If this is what you wanted to say, you should have explained it.

“Is there a specific term for black men who commit crimes? I’m not casting aspersions on all black men, of course, only the criminal ones”.


“It’s not [racist/misogynist/homophobic/insert bigotry of choice here] if it’s true.” Is this some sort of dickhead bingo? Because I call “I grew up with women and some of my best friends are women”.

One would hope that it would attract the lexicographers, and that was the intent.

I’ve made note in the thread that it can be closed since I tracked down the source. I’m curious that it seems to only be used in that specific way by a single person, but it doesn’t feel like I would be able to resolve that curiosity here given the responses. And I’m not curious enough to try and contact the author.

Ooh! Ooh!

I’m the least sexist person you’ll ever meet but

“I’m sorry you felt you had to be offended by my lighthearted repartee”. And not forgetting the classic “But what about all the misandrist slurs directed against men? I suppose they don’t count”.

I understand your points, you’re ok with GQish factual answers. I’m not thrilled with what I see as a fuzzy line about the jokes as it could be applied in the future but I didn’t start this thread to get side-tracked on the topic so feel free to close it at your discretion.

…I prefer peanut butter cookies over chocolate chip.