Misread thread titles

Why does my Windows 7 PC hate being left alive?

It may just be its time. You need to learn to let go.

Grilled adventure series for young kid

It’s never too early to teach kids the fun and adventure of barbecuing and grilling.

Rugby has a new legal problem, potential jail time for contempt

I momentarily thought referees were going to be sending rugby players to jail or something.

Rudy Giuliani’s pubikini - This, I gotta see!

Chess: How great a materiel disadvantage for a grandmother to be at even odds against a novice?

Never bet against a wise matriarch.

Enabling cookies in Satan

This is part of that whole “come to the dark side, we have cookies” deal, isn’t it?

Online food means using your smart phone

The only way to buy!

Videos where the daushound owner is the stupid one.

That durned word gets me, again:

Ground-Up Cannibals Exposed To Air And Sunlight For ~72 Hours; Still Potent?

Videos where the dachshund owner is the stupid one

See post two posts above you

Darn, now there will be an asterisk on my “Devotee” badge. :sleepy:

Another one that I mis-parsed rather than misread:

Just Stop Oil protesters

I kept reading it as a command to stop oil protesters. I only just realized that “Just Stop Oil” was the name of the organization doing the protesting (I hadn’t really read the thread before).

Your mis-parsing is the better idea!

NFL 2022 Week . . . . . . Seven Wonders of the World

I like football, but not THAT much.

Most disappointing gifs

That cat just sits there!

Cat Design: Real vs. Toy Copies

The toys never have the right proportions

Best cites for vampires

Well, there’s Montague Summers, Bram Stoker, Sheridan le Fanu…

Just happened this week: “How high can I get in New York?”

Need I explain the misinterpretation? LOL

NFL week eight ways to Subway