Enabling cookies in Safari

I’m trying to pay a medical bill, and trying to set up an account to do so. When I click on the emailed verification link, I get:

Cookies are not enabled for your browser.
Please enable cookies for proper site functionality.

Um… OK. Usually (on other sites) I just disable AdBlock Plus, and that allows me to continue. I tried going to Preferences, and ‘Block all cookies’ is not checked. I tried unchecking ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’. That had no effect. I googled it, and found instructions that say to go to Preferences and uncheck ‘Block all cookies’.

How do I turn off cookies for a website, using Safari 15.5?

I don’t have much experience with Safari or Apple, but from experiences with different browsers on Windows I’d recommend to clear/delete all cookies. That often helps with numerous cookie issues. Be aware that you have to log in anew into any site you have been logged in before after clearing your cookies.

Which is a PITA.

I guess they’ll just have to get paid over the phone.

If it comes to having to clear cookies, then I’d just recommend using a different browser. It would not only have no cookies, but also no extensions or non-default settings to get in the way.

That said, I can think of a couple things I’d try first. The most obvious would be to just try to do it all in a Private Browsing window. That should ignore all cookies, but still allow them to be set temporarily.

You could also check the site’s settings in Safari > Preferences > Websites. That will show a list of permissions and the sites connected with them.

That worked.

Thank you.