Misread thread titles

This morning , I thought it said “Just porcupines”. Turned out to be Just punchlines, over in Thread Games. That ever happen to you?

whorehouse generator—need answer fast

“What’s the most interesting caT you saw today?”

I make that misreading all the time.

2017 Mass Killings in the United States

Every time, I read that as a total number, not the year.

I think, its called. old age…I could be wrong :dubious:

Misunderstood thread title: Why are there so many old suburbans? I thought the OP was asking about the age of people living in the 'burbs.

At first I thought that one was about old suburbs.

To which my ready answer was, “A metric crapload of them got built just after WWII. Which is now coming up on 75 years ago. That’s why they’re all so old.”

Then I opened the thread. :smack:

For just a split second I wondered what the thread “Can IBM results be skewed by really large breasts?” was about. Was it a new pentium scandal? Some weird misogynistic trolling? What? Then I read the title again. (Still haven’t read the thread, maybe it really is about quantum effects from breasts on microchips.)

It’s not a thread title, but I keep seeing the title of that J.K. Rowling movie as Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them.

And when I realize what it really says, I feel let down.

There’s a thread in Cafe Society asking about an instrument in a M(ichael) Buble song. I thought the OP was asking about the song in the old Mr. Bubble bubble bath jingle.

“Mr. Bubble in the tub’ll get ya squeaky clean
It’s as much fun getting dirty as it is getting clean. Mr Bubble!”

“Camino de Santiago”

Thought it said “Carmen Sandiago” for a moment.

Not misread, but the newly-bumped “Admiral Halsey, psoriasis and midway” thread in GQ makes me think of something Carnac the Magnificent would say just before tearing open the envelope.[URL=“http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=525003”]

I thought “Was Jane Grey queen?” was going to be another in the plethora of sexual identity topics.

Oh good, then it wasn’t just me.

Speak to me only in song titties.

What’s with all the rabbis in Denver?

There’s a synagogue shortage elsewhere?

What to do with a tube of placenta.

What couples have kissed in LGBT?

You’re not the only one.

EDIT: Heh, and the first YOU MAY LIKE ad under this post is “Your pregnancy, week 2”.

Unfuck this, assface!