Miss America no longer a beauty pageant

No more gowns or swimsuits. No longer based on how the woman looks.

Good. Yeah…just, good.

those gowns are custom made and very expensive $1000 and up for some . They might already be made , hopefully in some cases they can cancel the order and not have to pay .

I’m sure they are still going to judge based on looks.

Does Miss America represent the US in the Miss World pageant or do we select a contestant from some other method (Miss USA?) for that? They better not be handicapping us!

Strategic error - their ratings will tank.

In a couple-three years, I look for them to go full reality TV. Cage match, voting Miss Texas off the island, hidden cameras back stage, and the talent competition will be performed on a tightrope over a crocodile pit.

If they can’t get enough crocodiles, they can use the stage moms.


they tried a reality TV version a few years back when it was on a cable channel after the networks passed on it. Only lasted a year or two in that format.

Miss USA goes to Miss Universe , both of those were owned by Trump in the past. Don’t know who goes to Miss World.

I was thinking Miss Universe anyway; no one cares about Miss World. Then again, no one really cares about Miss USA over Miss America. Funny how that works.

Great. Baby steps. Certainly the most egregious and in your face problematic element of the pageant. But the whole thing is awful.

I have some (female) friends who are into the local pageant scene, and it’s been very important and empowering for them, and I respect that. I still can’t untangle that from the fact that they work to help other young women learn that physical beauty is about transforming your look into something complicated, expensive, and tailored for the male gaze. And that even if you have accomplishments and talents, they don’t really matter unless they come packaged in a culturally-approved “beautiful” body.

Miss USA does not have a talent competition. Trump allegedly walked into the dressing room of Miss Teen USA which he also owned at the time.

Reading more closely, I guess they do claim that they “will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance” (which the OP mentioned, though I didn’t quite pick up that it was a quote).

We’ll see. Until contestants show up in old baggy sweatshirts, everyday hair and makeup/lack thereof, it’s still in part a beauty competition.

Hey, hey! It is not a beauty pageant, it is a scholarship program.

Serious question: What do/will they judge them on?

Basically, whomever the judges like the best is the winner. Bit of a paradox, really, if the winner is supposed to be an empowered, thoughtful leader type. Seems like the winner would be the one who had something better to do than to compete with other women rather than cooperate with all of society. So nothing’s changed, really.

So, an event that over time has become totally irrelevant is being tweaked so that it is relevant?


Superficial people need validation too.

“Who doesn’t want to be empowered, learn leadership skills and pay for college and be able to show the world who you are as a person from the inside of your soul.”
She continued, “That’s what we’re judging them on now.”

This is biased against atheists - we don’t have souls. :smiley:

Not that kind of soul. I think there is a singing component to the competition. I wanna see the chick that can do a convincing Barry White.

I love the bolded part of that quote from Gretchen “I’ll tell harmful lies all day if someone will pay me” Carlson.

I was involved in the Miss America system back in the 80s.

Here is the scoring system from 2017:


Interview – 25%
On-Stage Question – 5%
Talent – 35%
Evening Wear – 20%
Lifestyle and Fitness Swimwear – 15%