Miss Cleo has found me!

Ok, this is just too wrong. I got an email direct from Miss Cleo herself. Check it out:

Gee, I’m honored. Does anyone want to use my special number? :smiley:

This really pisses me off. What stupid site or list sold them my name? (It originally said my IRL name, not Little Bird.) Did any of you get these? How can we stop her? Distribute our “special numbers?” Hey, I got an idea! If you got one of these, see if our numbers match. I bet they do!

Ok, was that mundane and pointless enough for all of you? Hua? Was it??? :slight_smile:

I get them about an average of two a week and usually it shows her in some cheezy pose.

Oh yeah!
My sister called me to tell me that she got one from her telling her that she had a wonderfull dream about her that she just must tell her about.
The next day I get one saying she had a terrible nightmare about something in my near future!
What gives?
What makes my sister so special?!

And on a related topic somewhat…
Have you guys seen her new comercials where she is making herself some kind of martyr?
I laughed, I cried, I wet myself!

Has anyone else noticed that Miss Cleo sometims lapses into an Irish brogue?

Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here!! I got one too… and I thought it was 'specially for me! Well, poop - I guess it is a scam.


Wait a minute, dang it!! She said she dreamed about ME and now you guys are saying she dreamed about YOU? That Cleo is one fickle woman.

I’m situated in the middle of a bunch of people from the Islands at work, and they all find Miss Cleo to be a ridiculous joke.

If I remember correctly, one of them said she’s actually from North or South Carolina. How exotic. I’ll have to see if I can find something to back that up.

BTW, Little Bird, your sig has to be the first reference to The Amazing Jonathan that I’ve ever seen. I must say you have great taste in comedy.

She knows if you’ve been bad or good…:wink:

MindWeb, The Amazing Jonathan quite simply rocks my world. You and I and others of our outstanding tastes must stick together. :slight_smile:

Miss Cleo is Santa Clause??? :eek:

Oops, I mean Claus, of course. :o

All I can say is that Miss Ccleo must do nothing but dream and talk to people. I got one of the I had a dream about you emails and have gotten a couple of I got your address from someone I spoke to recently and the vibes for you were sooooo strong I must speak with you right away type of emails. And mine had the same phone number as yours did ** Little Bird ** . So I’m special too !

** TroubleAgain ** She’s one of Santa’s helpers, Santa not only keeps track of who is naughty and who is nice, he also keeps up with who is silly enogh to call Miss Cleo because they need special toys (like phone locks)

The coworker that claimed Ms. Cleo was from Carolina is on vacation (I wonder if Ms. Cleo knows this…). I must find time to surf the web at work, er, I mean research this!

Indeed we do. The guy is a genius. Unfortunately Ms. Web-to-be doesn’t seem to understand him. I sure hope she can be corrected…

Hands Little Bird a bottle of Windex
Here. Just in case.

Can I get in on this? I do stand-up, too, and Jonathan’s an idol of mine. Never had the chance to meet him, though.

Is that what the kids are calling it now?

I got one of those letters…Two days after I got hit by a car and hospitalized. Where the !@# was that !@# when I !@#$ing needed her?!?

~Blame us 'cause we are, who we are… -Better Than Ezra

Found a new article on our favorite Ganja Goddess: Miss Cleo, Natural Resource.

Can’t argue with credentials like those. :wink: