Miss(ter) tiffany beauty pageant in thailand...

This is a link to another message board. The first few lines translated into English:

“it’s common knowledge that Thailand has some of the most beautiful ladyboys, sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between them and ‘normal’ women. Every year there is a beauty pageant especially for transgenders.”

I still haven’t found any other links on this but please feel free to find more info on this, just click on the spoiler button thingys…

Personally this is either absolutely amazing, or extremely disturbing.

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief…:eek:

Is this what you’re talking about?

Apparently so…

Found another link

What is amazing or disturbing about it?

Why? :confused:

And by the way, they are not “transgenders.”

Well i think it’s amazing that they look exactly like ‘normal’ women. I can’t really see any masculine features on them. And for the same reason quite disturbing.

Yeah, i wasn’t sure what the PC term to call them is. Transvestite? Doesn’t sound very PC to me…

I find the picture on the second post ALOT more disturbing. The ‘ladyboys’ are quite unsettling but I won’t hesitate to say some of them are hot.

edit: on the second of the thai messageboard the op linked to.