Missed keystrokes & jumping cursor

I got a new Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop. I’ve noticed that it periodically misses keystrokes. At first I blew it off as lazy typing, but now I’m SURE that it’s not user error. Its not any specific key and seems to happen at random, but when it does start happening, it can miss 1 stroke in 10 or more! Also, the cursor occasionally seems to jump to a different part of the screen at these times. The laptop has a touch pad, but the cursor sometimes jumps with no physical contact.

Google revealed no hits specific to this, but did show keystroke problems with other laptops. Saw theories on heat issues (does seem hot if using the laptop literally), or driver/software issues. Anyone know for certain and know a fix?

The jumping cursor thing drives me nuts on laptops, and it’s definitely due to you touching the touch pad, or the little directional nib thingy in between the keys, even if you don’t think you are. Disable both of these features and I’ll bet it solves your missing keystroke problem too.

Try covering the touchpad with a small piece of paper and see if the problem goes away. It did for me.

Does your laptop have an option to turn off the touch pad? For me its FN+F1, so the thumb pad is disabled. i use my laptop with a mouse at my desk so i hardly ever use it.

Just concurring that it most likely your touch pad. My laptop just has a button you can press to turn it on and off.

I doubt its your problem (I agree with the previous posters), but there is an option in mouse settings, in the control panel called ‘snap to’. This automatically moves the mouse cursor to the OK button in dialog boxes and such when they pop-up. Can be damn confusing wondering whats going on if you don’t know about that feature.

I noticed the jumping cursor the first time when viewing a map, and the cursor jumped up screen (more than once), but not to any dialog box. Just a different part of the map. The map had no selectable features so the “snap to” feature shouldn’t apply. After noticing it several times I watched for it and am fairly certain that I was NOT touching the touch pad at the time. Even if I had, it should not have just vanished from one part of the screen and reappeared at another instantly. I cannot recreate it intentionally. The touchpad does not appear to work that way. It just “slides” the cursor as a real mouse would do.