Missile Amiss! With Newslink. And a Missile. Did I mention a Missile?

The only thing necessry for the Terrorists To Win™ is to scavenge our junkyards.
And salvage a few missiles!


Does not compute. Brain* cannot explode. Does not contain “part on top that goes boom”.
I’ve seen quite a few spent rockets inadvertently end up in scrap heaps, but never a live one. That type of thing is supposed to be a little more tightly controlled, even sans guidance system.
*Of person responsible.

I’d actually feel a lot safer if you could convince me all terrorists are doing is waiting around junkyards hoping a Patriot will show up.

Imagine if you were the terrorist assigned to the Ybor City Dump on July 11, but you were 10 minutes late for work.

“Osama, I swear I just stopped to get a doughnut! I mean, what are the odds?”

I think it’s safe to say that this is not even close to being the weirdest thing ever discovered in Ybor City.

4 oz of toothpaste on an airplane, terrorist threat. Missile abandoned, not worth investigating. Welcome to the US of B.

Maybe it came from here.


The name’s pretty weird. Ybor? What the hell is that?

I second that philosophy. :smack:

Nah its seeded for the next installment of Junkyard wars.


United States of Batshit-insane?

Ybor City.

just goes to show the importance of motivation.
the only people who would have to deal with a missile like that have other more important things to do. Why pump up a remote chance (though the idea that there is a rocket motor in the casing seems highly unlikely but dangerous if true) when it can just be left where it belongs-in a junkyard.
As for the toothpaste-there we have thousands of people whose jobs depend on pumping up remote possibilities. If they didn’t keep coming up with possible threats, pretty soon people would begin to realize that these folks don’t really contribute that much. Bad for one’s career. I guess they have run out of liquids to worry about, now they are on the semi-liquids. Next will be rubber-soled shoes or something. After all-it is a rocket fuel :).

Sen. Charles Schumer fumes:

Fortunately for those of us who value our freedoms, the many patriotic Americans who make up the shoulder-fired missile lobby continue to oppose the enactment of such slippery-slope tactics. Senator Schumer, take heed! This shameless pandering to the anti-shoulder fired missile crowd will come back to bite you in the next election.

Bush :wink:

I was thinking “United States of BWAAAAAH??!?”