Shuttle Debris - you just knew this was going to happen

Not a slam or shot at anyone, but you just knew this was going to happen as they have almost everyone and their dog looking for debris.


Once again, I am sure that these people are genuinely trying to help but you just know there’s going to be some beauty debris sightings turning up.

Well, better to be safe than sorry, except for the toast and egg thing. The mudflap could have been a maybe.

I used to roughneck on rigs in East Texas. I’m wondering how many still owners hooked 'em out to pack up their shine before the authorities headed out into the backwoods. Whenever the gin trucks were tearing down our rig and moving it to another location, ther’d always be a gallon jug or two of moonshine being passed around.

Also, is there any backwoods place in the US that wouldn’t have a body or two turn up if you look hard enough in the brush? I can’t believe thay’ve yet to find somebody that wandered off from a nursing home, was shot in a hunting accident, drove off an old bridge or was just plain murdered out in the woods yet.

I can’t even think of any, but you know there will be some nutty ones.

I wonder if it said GMC or had a picture of Yosemite Sam on the back?

Actually, Lieu, I was wondering the same thing. I’d actually be suprised if this intensive search uncovers several crimes. I wonder how many people are nervous about this right now?

I meant to say suprised if it doesn’t uncover several crimes.


The mudflaps on the Columbia had the chrome, reclining naked chick on them. Sheesh!

A “ping pong ball with circuitry inside” was found in North Western Arkansas. Marked “Space something-or-other”.
Sounds like a weather data device from a balloon.

i really enjoyed the egg. i can imaging the eye rolling on the part of the 911 operator, and the laughter that occured when the operator told coworkers.


My former inlaws property had old stills on it, but no bodies.
On the other hand, I knew a guy who found a hunter who had been dead for several days.

Wonder if they’ll find something that looks suspicious (say a body) and announce that they’ve found a murder victim, only to have it turn out to be the remains of a Native American who was buried some 100+ years ago.

Good thing it’s winter, or else there’d be some pot patches gone up in smoke, and not the fun way…

The ping pong ball found in NW Arkansas came from Space Camp. :slight_smile:

From the Stumpneck, TX Daily Beacon-Journal:

Ray Bob Burnett, Bubba Simms, and Joe Don Bailey discovered some debris sticking out of the ground in Fowlkes Cemetary. The boys took to digging, and reported that, so far, 5 bodies have been found.

They’ll keep pokin’ around until the remaining two crew members are uncovered.

Said Bubba, “Comin’ down from thet altitude, it’ll plant ya deep, thet’s fer sure”.

Local police continue to sift clues.

Bumping this to point out something I just noticed:

Finally! Someone uses that phrase when being a rocket scientist actually is the necessary qualification! (Though I doubt he used the term deliberately; just said it without thinking, like everyone else does.)

Today’s Onion reports, “Texan Unable To Trick NASA Into Hauling
Old Washing Machine
Off Lawn”

Having visited East Texas, I thought this was more likely to come true than the average Onion headline…

“But officer, it’s one a’ them SPACE warshin’ mo-sheens…”

Wershin’ machines!

Next we’ll encounter people who are ‘planting’ things like ceramic tiles, circuit boards from old TVs and other household parts, hoping they are mistaken for Shuttle parts.

When NASA puts everything together and it winds up looking like a double-wide, we’ll know why.


“NASA Declares Space Twister Destroyed Shuttle”