Missing article from Straight Dope archives

anyone remember a straight dope question about DMSO?

i am absolutely positive that there was(within the last calendar year) a question answered about DMSO. DMSO is a rather controversial substance(people who sell it praise it without hesitation/the medical community seems a little cold to it). the question and answer on SD seemed to paint DMSO in a favorable light. now i cannot find the question, cecil and his minions claim they never put it out there. anyone remember this? need more description?


I’ll move this thread to Comments On Cecil’s Columns on the chance that someone will remember if such a piece appeared.

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Here’s a site that talks about Dimethyl Sulfoxide.
Could this be the mysterious DMSO in the OP?

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I’ve read every one of Cecil’s columns and the mailbag answers/staff reports as they’ve come out since August of 1999, and I can’t remember ever seeing mention of this substance anywhere on the Straight Dope. If it’s the same as the stuff discussed on the page Arnold linked, then the closest column I can think of would be Cecil’s discussion of homeopathy. Is this what you’re thinking of?

In the absence of further clarification by the OP, this thread will be closed.

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