missing children

Theres been this local teen missing for 11 days in northern Ohio. Its all over the news. I’m asking, how often do teens go missing, what are the chances of them being found alive?

Several hundred thousand children go missing every year in the United States. Most of them are runaways rather than victims of violence however.

On a show I watch that airs twice a week, during each airing they’ll highlight a missing child case and ask the public for help. Often times there’s a strong assumption that the child is with the other parent. A parent that isn’t supposed to have contact (or at least unsupervised contact) with the child, but picked them up and took off. Often times this other parent has had enough problems in life that they’re fairly off the grid and difficult to locate, especially once they’re out of the state.

Right there is about 100 per year and those are just the high profile cases. I’d imagine a lot of those are not nearly as big of a deal (not to downplay what the parent is going through). Things like mom not realizing that grandma picked the kid up from school or a toddler that wandered off into the woods and was returned unscathed a few hours later.

In this case, both parents are at home. How do they survive on their own/ I’ve read theres a huge pedophile network out there. This case bothers me because the boy looks like my son did.

He’s 14 and has a history of running away. More than likely he’s hiding out at a friend or relative’s house, and was probably there before it became such a big news story.

This is very different than, say, a 7 year old riding his bike around the block and weeks later they still haven’t found him.

Not to say that a 14 year old can’t be kidnapped, but this isn’t the first time he’s disappeared, just the longest he’s been gone.

Not that 14-year-olds aren’t also potential victims of sexual abuse of course, but pedophilia means an attraction to prepubescent children.

If there was a network of pedophiles, the police would be aware of it and would have arrested its members.

I’m not sure if that’s a joke or not, but there is and they do get arrested…


These articles may cover the same things, I didn’t read the very closely, I just grabbed the first few links that had dates in the article.

How many children (to include teens under 18) are abducted by strangers and then killed or kept as sex slaves (or sold into sexual slavery)? There are high-profile cases that dominate the headlines, like those of Jaycee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart, of course. But I imagine the number of such cases is on the order of 3-4 per year.

The overwhelming number of child abductions are committed by family members, as has already been mentioned. Then there are the teens who just run off on their own, sometimes with someone they’ve met on the internet.

Yea, the likelihood that a stranger kidnapped a 14 year old is low. Not impossible, but low. Much easier targets than that.

Not in the Cleveland area, remember Amanda Berry.
he seemed to go online a lot, if he Has ran away, I guess it would be easy to fuind him if he logged on.

I think and hope the subject of OP will turn up safe, but this estimate is wildly low. WAY way too low. Contortions are required to get the low estimates one sometimes sees. (“16 years or older? Not underage.” “Stays with her pimp because he supplies her with the heroin he hooked her on? Voluntary servitude, not slavery.” Etc.) Many or most victims are non-white: Racism may thus help minimize the problem.

i disagree with the assumption that exploited teenagers is low … 14-16 year olds are just as likely to be victimized as, say, 7-10 year olds. however … the older the child is … the likelihood that he/she simply made a bad decision decreases.

a few decades back (1989) … i recall a certain movie … a very sad movie. charles-bronson played the lead part … title of the movie is “kinjite”… about a pimp who preyed on teenagers … the scenario not being what most would cogitate about.

These type of cases always remind me of Jayme Closs who was violently kidnapped (both her parents were shot and killed) and she was taken by a stranger. Yet he kept her alive and she escaped about 4 months later. Very bizzare case, but read about it, it does give you hope, not every case ends with the child’s death, though the odds are low.

I once knew a girl that was kidnapped by her father. Apparently he kept her until adulthood. She was very well adjusted and loved her father and didn’t seem to harbor any hard feelings about it.

I assume he was frustrated by the child custody system that tended (especially at that time) to give kids to the mother despite the mother’s ability to raise them.

Do you have any more information about this case? I did some Googling, and I don’t understand the apparent lack of follow up.

Newell’s mother, Lisa Brant, says that the police wouldn’t follow up because Newell was not missing for 72 hours. Her mother also says -

Lisa Brant also says -

Shauna Newell also says she saw the man who raped her at the beach later.

I find it difficult to understand that a woman who was victimized in so horrific a crime, such that she suffered life-threatening injury, the mother has met and knows the person who committed the crime, the victim can identify the perpetrator, the brother sees her in the back seat of a car which could be traced, and the police don’t follow up because they aren’t allowed to interview the victim alone.

Not in this case, since the victim is white.

It seems like the perfect storm. Innocent pretty white teenager kidnapped, drugged, raped, and about to be sold into sex slavery. A known perpetrator, all kinds of leads, and yet the story just ends without resolution.

If this is a typical story, I would like to know more.


I don’t want BigBrother more than anyone else, but if kids are microchipped, they could be found. :frowning:

I would like to point out also that if a kid is repeatedly running away from home, there’s a good chance there’s a legitimate reason for it.

The reward is over 17,000 right now.

Microchips (in the pet sense) aren’t trackers. They’re just a way of identification.