Missing Girl + Confederate Flag?

Am I the only one who finds it odd that whoever is running this webite for this missing girl posted 5 pictures of the girl including one of her wearing a cheesy big grin posing in front of a Confederate flag? If my little girl were missing, I think I would keep that one to myself or remove the background somehow. They removed the background from another picture…I sort of have to wonder what was in it that was worse than a Confederate flag. There is nothing in that picture that isn’t already visable in other pictures. Am I being too PC?

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Big Disclaimer: I am not accusing the family of being racists or in any way saying or implying that this little girl deserves something bad to happen to her because she was once photographed in front of a Confederate flag.

I do understand what you’re saying, but people don’t think normally in these sorts of situations. They’re dazed, terrified, worried and angry and they’re probably so eager to get a photograph out that they didn’t notice.

I think so. There is no context to the picture, so it is nothing more than a different view with a slightly different hair style. It hardly enters the realm of Prussian Blue; it is just a photo of a young girl whose family wants to find her.

I can sure understand how some people associate the Confederate Battle Flag with all the sins associated with the South, but that view isn’t widely held in the South. If young Destiny were from Minnesota, it wouldn’t occur to her parents to airbrush out the stuffed/mounted moose head or the dopey hat with ear flaps. Same thing.

Not related to your question, but to the little girl.

Her body was found a couple of hours ago in the basement of a house less than a block from her home. The only resident, a man who looks to be in his 20s, has been arrested.

No information on how long she has been dead, or any other details.

On the OP, while I think the confederate flag is best kept in museums, in this case I think that Tom has nailed it. They wanted to put as many views in from of the public as possible, and didn’t even think about the background.

… you realize the family may just be involved with one of those reenactment groups?

When did confederate flags become illegal in the US?

Yes, you’re being too PC.

I’m just wondering… why might a 5-year-old have silver capped teeth?

(According to the web site, “Destiny’s bottom row of teeth are COMPLETELY SILVER-CAPPED.” And you can see that something is funky with her teeth in one of the photos.)

What we heard on the news was that she had “baby-bottle” teeth (or something like that), tooth decay related to baby formula staying in the baby’s mouth after feeding.

The silver was some kind of inexpensive dental work intended to hold her over until her permanent teeth came in.

This has (as you can imagine) been a big story around here this last week, and since the media in general can’t stand silence on any subject, even when they have nothing to report, there has been a bunch of stuff reported that barely rises to the level of rumor, IMHO. So while that is what I heard reported, take it with a grain of salt.

Do you think a person would recognize a missing child but refuse to call authorities because she posed with a Confederate flag?

Those silver capped baby teeth aren’t cheap.

I am so sorry to hear of the death of this child.

You’re claiming that everything that isn’t illegal is morally AOK? :rolleyes:

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Bottle rot. My friend’s kid had them until her adult teeth came in.

This is all correct. People in the South don’t automatically associate the confederate flag with any belief in particular except maybe some romantic ideas about the old South and modern regional pride. While outsiders might look at it as something like a swastika, people from the South often just see it as a cool looking regional flag.
So yes, if the OP is wondering about what the family was doing and how people from the area would see it, he/she is being too PC.

Didn’t this little girl live in Utah? Or am I thinking of the wrong person?

Many people use the confederate flag as a symbol of Southern heritage, but there are also many who use it to represent racism and white pride. Since there is room for doubt about the inference, I would have chosen not to use that picture without editing the background. Maybe that makes me a bad person. I can’t help but notice that none of the national news outlets used the picture with the flag.

Arnold Winkelried is right, this little girl was from Utah, so southern heritage is a little hard to claim. Its sad that this little girl was found dead. It sounds to me like there is alot of angry fingerpointing in the community that the parents were irresponsible or that the police didn’t do enough. Anpther sad story with no happy ending.

Maybe these are the only photos the family has of her. When I see some of the bizarre obit photos people sometimes use, I have to assume that the choices were limited.

All but one photo is down now, BTW.

I was thinking they’re the only photos they have where she looks a certain way. Some people look different from a particular angle, and the parent might have wanted to try to capture that.

Yes you are being too PC. The other image with the deleted background was probably other people, probably other kids. Since you are only looking for one kid, you only have one in the photo.

The flag photo was a great photo of the girl. Very happy expression on her face.
But she’s dead now.

Maybe they meant “silver” as in the color. My daughter had a metal crown due to a congenital defect in one tooth; it was temporary as others have mentioned. Perhaps Destiny had these temporary metal crowns.