Missing NVIDIA S/PDIF cable

Hey all

For some dumb reason I never installed the S/PDIF cable running between my graphics card and motherboard. Now that I bought a fancy new television and I want to string a HDMI cable between it and my computer, it turns out I’m missing it.

Soooooo…I’ve been trying to find one high and low. I mailed the manufacturer of my graphics card without reply and contacted a few local parts suppliers without luck…so, does anybody from the teeming millions know where I can order one?

Not sure what type of cable you need, but I found this on Amazon:

SPDIF Cable 2 Pin (Sound Card to DVD)

How many pins should the cable you’re looking for have? A search on S/PDIF cable brings up all sorts of cables, but the above link was the only one that looked like an internal cable. Although it says Sound Card to DVD, and not graphics card to m/b.

HDMI can deliver both audio and video data in the 1 cable, however graphics cards only generate video data therefore the audio has to come from somewhere else. This is what the S/PDIF cable is used for; to pass audio from the motherboard or sound card through the graphics card then out through the HDMI along with the video.

Generally speaking you’ll need an “internal” cable like the one in your Amazon link. I have 2 HDMI graphics cards and the S/PDIF cables that came with them look exactly like that.

Sorry to the OP for not giving an answer about where to buy one, I just wanted to clarify what it did and the exact type of cable you need. Also to forewarn you to consider the length of the S/PDIF cable since the cable that came with my card is too short to span the required distance from my motherboard to the graphics card.