Missing one monkey dog named Roger....

and it’s all my fault. It’s not as bad as it sounds, let me tell the story of what happened and what usually happens. 2 nights ago I decided to BBQ a yummy steak and some corn after work, so I go outside turn on the BBQ-light and I tie the screen door down so its open. Frank and Iggy go outside instantly, 10 minutes later Roger pokes his head out and eventually decides to risk sensory overload by going somewhere with no wallls. Frank ends up smacking Roger around good natured like, and I go inside to eat my yummy dinner. When I go off to bed I forgot to bring roger inside!

Next morning when I let the cats in, here comes Iggy, Frank comes from over the fence but no Roger. I shake the bag of food but this drives the other cats bonkers, they don’t care if Roger is here for breakfast they want their food NOW! Same thing happens for dinner and this morning :frowning:

But the good news is that Roger has gotten lost 3 times before, and he always ends up in our neighbors basement. Yep, same basement every time. The house is 2 doors down, on a deadend street, with an enclosed backyard, there are about 12 other cats hanging out all day/night long. Our thoughts on this is that he gets so lost he finds the same basement then he gets lost in the basement.Usually it takes a day or two of my roommate shaking the bag of food by the basement window, this slowly brings Roger into the light.

Then when he gets back home he struts around like a bigshot. But for now no Roger, I’m not too worried, but…I’ll keep you all updated.

What type of dog is Roger?

Oooooooh No! I’m worried! I know that cat is too stupid to survive on his own for long!

All my best thoughts for his return.

Roger is a cat, and also the subject of many a funny story.

Oh no! I am sure he’s in the basement, he’s just gotta be! Can’t you just ask your neighbors if you could scout out their basement?

Well, thats the impression I got when I read your story, but the thread title? Huh? Monkey dog? Please explain or direct me to previous explanation!

Ooooh no! All my best wishes for Roger’s safe return. God knows he’s too stupid to survive on his own for long!