Roger my roommates cat has a job

Ha Ha Ha! After telling the cats for many years to get a job, one of them took the bait and got a paying job.

Granted Roger doesn’t see any of the fruits of the labor, he gets paid in beer which he doesn’t like. So therefore my roommate and I get all the good stuff.

Let me back up a bit, my roommate works at a bar around the corner. It’s your typical neighborhood bar nothing fancy but it has good people in it. It also has mice, it’s not like the mice sit next to you in the bar and have a little micey pint. They tend to hang out downstairs and poop on the floor. Unlike the fancysmancy bars uptown pooping on the floor isn’t kosher, so the mice have to go.

So Roger being my roommates cat got the job, the other 2 cats were not even interviewed (I was going to file with the EEOC but hey I get free beer). I think the other cats were put out a little bit, these guys were champion bird catchers, the little mice I’d find dead in the backyard didn’t die of old age if you get my drift. Roger doesn’t like the outdoors due to sensory overload, but he is very good at catching flies and worms so maybe he beefed up his application.

But a job is a job, he is now walking around all smug like knowing that he is contributing to the house. The other cats are apparently looking for a job, they swear they are but I think they are just sitting around the house doing catnip.

I’m a sucker for any Briminator cat thread.

But really, is Roger smart enough to catch mice?

There wouldn’t happen to be any little lady cats hangin’ around the bar would there? They’ll be up to no good!

You have given Roger the Talk, haven’t you?

Keep us posted on any occurring carnage so we can appropriately give kudos to Roger.

Any health benefits?

Not for the mice.

Your threads are brilliant.

I particularly liked “little micey pint”.

Does he apply “The Roger Principle” to his new job duties? If so, how do you think he’ll do on his next performance review?

I really appreciate your consideration in avoiding stepping on my penis - Spiny Norman
Jeg elsker dig, Thomas
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OK, that’s it, I’ve had it. I’ve been unemployed for over two months. Now, it was bad when the loser that I fired for embezzlement got rehired, and is now doing my job, but now I find out that a cat can get a job, and I can’t. OK, granted, I can’t catch mice, but still.

Congrats, Roger.

What kind of beer does he get?

I love it, Briminator, keep the cat stories coming. You write them very well!

Y’know, when I scan down the thread titles, all I see is “Roger my roommates cat” and not the rest of it. Cracks me up.

Sorry, carry on.