Missing thread?

I went a-spelunking for a thread for the “SDMB’s greatest threads” thread {ahem} and could not find my old chestnut, the infamous “I can remain silent no longer.” Where did it go? Or can I just not find it for some reason?

Not wanting to open old wounds, of course, I’m just making sure there are no technical difficulties.


I can’t find it either, Esprix. And I’m usually quite good with the search engine. My guess is that the thread was deleted - as I recall, this was quite a painful thread for those involved. I’ll ask the Powers that Be what the Straight Dope is though.

Did we ever get a definitive answer to this?


The definitive answer I got from Tuba was “it’s probably deleted”. I know, not very definitive. But as none of us can find it, that’s probably what happened.

FWIW, for this reason, we do not delete threads permanently on a regular basis. There are other options to keep them out of the public eye.

This one appears to be gone, though. I’m sure the decision at the time was made out of respect of the participants and the relative severity of the personal problems described.

We hope you understand.

By the by, I tried to search for the Star Wars recast witht he Simpsons thread and couldn’t find it, although I got to the thread just fine through a link Blessedwolf had sent me.

Dunno if it’s related, but 'twere odd.

Actually, I DO delete old threads periodically. Usually just in the BBQ Pit. I look them over, to see if they’ve got any humor or useful information. Most of them have at least a shred of humor, which saves them. But if it’s a totally stupid thread, I will delete, to help the server. I don’t do it as much as I should, granted…but I will permanently delete some stuff.

I’ve also deleted stuff like the “Post Count Party” thread, and if I see a post which has, as its only content, “pad”, I’ll routinely delete it, no matter which forum it’s in.

There’s a missing thread called {b}Hey Montfort, get in here, you moose diaper filler!!!{/b} from last night in the Pit, started by 2sence (who’s since been banned), but had turned into a “discussion” between Green Bean and myself.

What’s the scoop with that?

Montfort, I suspect 2sence has become an unperson. Exercise doublethink. (i.e the thread has probably been deleted)

Baseless accusations deleted. Knock it off, Pit Meister.

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Damn, you’re quick UncleBeer. I was just in the middle of a response, when I scrolled down and noticed that you changed Pit Meister’s post between when I read it and when I clicked the Reply button.

He claimed it was a “double post”, so read my comment in the Pit. (and also my response that I just answered Montfort twice because he double posted first)