Mission Accomplished!

With the death of Zarqawi, GWB missed a perfect opportunity to declare another mission accomplished and point to the many missions ahead of us in the War on Terror.

Don’t you think?

:confused: From what I heard, W did exactly what you are suggesting, minus the exact words “mission accomplished” – a wise omission, considering how he’s spoiled the phrase.

The Bush admin.'s piss-poor approval rating is due in no small part to declaring victories about a decade in advance any resolution one way or the other. Reality keeps getting in the way of stated accomplishments, to what would be comical effect if the events weren’t so tragic. I’m not sure if Bush has much left to lose in terms of credibility, but if he’s got any political capital left, it won’t be served by yet another woefully premature and patently inaccurate assertion about how well everything is going in Iraq and TWAT.

Today’s Prophetic Remarks by President Bush:

How exactly did democracy in Iraq (or the political system at all) aid in the death of Zaqawi? A missile strike and then follow-up ground mission doesn’t exactly require the democratic expression of the people.

Damn! And my prediction Bush would shut his fool mouth about the future proves to be incorrect!

For some people, grandiosity is highly addictive. Bush appears to be one of those people. He’ll keep up the rhetoric, even when it hurts him.

My sentiments exactly.
From the same article…

-ism… it’s “terror-ISM”
One can’t have a war on a feeling.
Do ANY of GWB’s handlers actually UNDERSTAND the english language?

see?!.. THIS is what happens when you supress a pet-peeve for too long!