Mission accomplished!

Many years ago my wife and I made a goal for ourselves to visit all 50 states. Part of the plan was we had to spend at very least a week or more traveling and seeing things in each state. Just driving through didn’t count.

So every year we would visit two or three different states during our vacations

We wanted to reach this goal before we turned 50 years old, so we called our plan “50 by 50” (fifty states by fifty years old).

This morning we returned home from a 2 week vacation in Hawaii, completing our goal almost 2 years early!!! Mission accomplished!:cool:

I have a great scrapbook of us standing next to the state line signs of every state (except Hawaii of course. It’s the sign at the airport).

What’s amazing to me is, this guy accomplished the same feat over 12 years ago, and he’s 10 years my junior!:eek:

Congrats! Great goal and great job getting it done.

Can you tell us some of the best places you two saw? Or some of the places the rest of us should say away from.

North Dullkota. Not too much excitement there. There are signs on the freeway ramps that actually say “nothing” or “no services”, meaning if that ain’t your dirt farm over there, there isn’t any reason to get off the highway.

But heres a story: I don’t remember the name of the small town we were in, I’ll have to check my notes. It was in the central/eastern part of the state. July of '96. Anyway, I was in a small convenience store. I like to buy a local paper in small towns to get an idea of the “flavor” of the community. The cashier didn’t know how much the paper was. When I sarcastically asked if she was new, she said she’d been there for years and never remembered anyone buying the local newspaper. Then, in the same town, we saw a local fast food place with a marquee that read “Fried chicken dinner, $2.29” That sounded like a good cheap lunch. At the time all three of our kids were with us so we were budget conscious. But when we got to the counter and ordered they had no idea what we were talking about. “We don’t have fried chicken here. Never have”. When I pointed out the sign to the manager he exclaimed that someone had pulled a joke on them.

“Giving you a sale of fried chicken dinners is a joke in this town?” :confused:


Who had the most fun?

Did it say?