Missouri University forgets to buy domain name for new stadium - Hilarity ensues!

This was about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Mizzou names arena after Lauries’ daughter

Getting the University of Missouri-Columbia to name Sports Stadium after your daughter - $ 25,000.000. Forgetting to register common domain names for the stadium - Priceless

Heheh, I don’t know why seeing mud slung in the face of these rich people gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but it does.

The part about the “Monster Truck Team” is the best!

But I would imagine that Mizzou can use the rules against cybersquatting to get that address back. Or not? I don’t know.

AHAHAHAHA, I can’t believe they’d overlook that.

As an MU student, I find it hilarious that Bill Laurie has been hoist upon his own pitard, or whatever metaphor is appropriate.

We didn’t cover cybersquatting in IP Law yet, so I don’t know if they can get it back.

If he wants to invoke the legal process, he’s gonna have to answer for the fact that he managed to get a public school facility named after a private business enterprise in contravention to law (Laurie’s Paige Sports Entertainment company owns the STL Blues.)

Also, it appears a fellow Mizzou fan bought phogallenfieldhouse.com in retaliation.

Take that, beakers.

I think it’s hilarious. I want to be on the Monster Trunk Team!

I also think that, while well within their rights, the Lauries should have picked a better name - something a bit more near and dear to MU. They might as well name it “My God Damn Arena.” At least it would have put a new spin on some old coach’s speeches:

“No one comes into My God Damn Arena and pushes us around!”

“It was a tough game, but the atmosphere in My God Damn Arena really pulled us through. I want to thank all of the fans for coming down to My God Damn Arena and supporting us.”

That really is hilarious … and, in a roundabout way, deserved. No, I don’t have anything against Mizzou. I just think it is inappropriate to name a stadium after someone who is still alive. Particularly a young college-age someone who doesn’t even go to the school. Really poor taste, you know?

Oh, and whoever put up phogallenfieldhouse.com … lame, man, lame. If you’re gonna go after Kansas, have a little originality, wouldja? I mean posting a title that says “dome of CRAP” and very poorly done “vulgar” mascot is just lame.