Mistakes that were actually pretty cool

I have a folder on my desktop named “RWNO”. It was supposed to be named “TEMP” but my fingers were positioned wrong on the keyboard. It looks kinda nifty, though, so I never fixed it.

What mistakes have you made that turned out pretty cool in hindsight?

Don’t tell her, but I accidentally got pregnant with the lil’wrekker. It’s cool because she is the blessing of my life. I have enjoyed every phase of her growth. I dreaded her leaving for college, but this, too, has turned into an adventure for me. And so far, a source of pride. I love my 2 older kids, but she has just been a delight, in every way.

A friend of mine was eating nachos and drinking a glass of Amstel Light. As she manoeuvred a loaded chip from platter to mouth, a couple jalapeño slices fell into her glass. She’s hooked on that now, and has converted several others. They never drink the one without the other. And I gotta say, it does give that otherwise bland beer a nice kick.

I was north of Santa Fe and wanted to sleep near Alamosa Colorado to get to the Great Sand Dunes National Park early in the morning. Well, I didn’t (and still don’t) have GPS and there were no signs on the road so I wasn’t sure I was going the right way. I decided to keep going until I saw a road sign, and went up and up through a canyon until I crested a hill and saw this in the distance. I recognized it from pictures so I knew I had mistakenly gone to Taos. So I slept there instead and saw the gorge from the bridge which was great.

The worst part was that I took a wrong right turn in Santa Fe, not Albuquerque, so I couldn’t say “I know I should have taken a left at Albuquerque.”