What's the dumbest thing you've done lately?

I put a dime in the wrong parking meter. Luckily I had another dime with me.


I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and effort getting together some speciality equipment to hook up to my laptop for a demo in class. I finally got it all together, and all working, and brought it down to ye olde lecture hall for class, only to realized that I’d forgotten the display adapter that I need to hook my laptop up to the projector so the students can see the results of the demo.

You know, the same display adapter that I use every single day? The one that I left sitting on my desk while I staggered off to class with all that extra crap? :smack:

Got a Trojan Horse in my PC and renamed the offending files so they couldn’t be loaded at startup. Crashed the system at boot time instead, and had to resort to using the XP install disk as a rescue so I could change the names back and restart my sysytem.

Battled that sumbitch all New Year’s Eve instead of drinking, the way I wanted to spend the night…

I wasn’t paying attention when I dropped off my mail and wound up returning a Netflix DVD I hadn’t yet watched along with one of the two I already had.

Took a sleeping pill. Doctor said it would work for 6-8 hours. Woke up 16 hours later and had to call in sick 7 hours after work started.

Let the baby drink water near the laptop.

I should get it back in a few days. The tech said it could be $1400 if the water made it to the logic board.

Picked up a book this morning to read during breakfast. I was nine minutes late.

Left house sans money, sans ATM card. Got on long stretch of road in my truck, saw low fuel light come on.

Had to borrow money at work just to get home.

Pulled into a parking lot that I thought connected to another parking lot. It turned out not to.

As a result, it took me a half hour to run an errand that should have taken ten minutes.

Stayed up untill 4:00 AM last night (actually this morning). Had to get up at 6:00 AM to register for classes. I didn’t even sleep last, I just took a nap this morning!

Why can’t they just have registration at some normal hour, when people are actually awake. Like midnight.

I once spent six hours photshopped several images into a montage that resembled a flower. I then erased it by dragging it into the trash instead of My Documents and emptying my trash. Of course, I noticed what I did the next day after I had routinely defragged by hard drive. :wally

Started dancing in the kitchen with my mom doing some very old school and lame dance moves.

I also ordered a pizza and answered the door wearing my duckie pajamas and some sort of old boy band tshirt while my pizza boy looked at me like I was a spaz.

We had a shipment ready to go by truck. Shipping guy was out sick so I just picked up the phone and called the trucking company.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Except we had fired that company the previous week for repeated safety violations. :smack: Yes I knew about it. I was the one that reported the problem.

There is now an official backup to the shipping guy. It’s not me.

I found myself walking up to my front door hitting the “unlock” button on the remote for my car. I, of course, turned the knob as if it should have unlocked from a distance, like my car does. Never thought about it for 1 second…pure habit.

:wally <---- that’s me.

I was walking downstairs the other day, thinking about what I wanted to eat, and stepped off of the second step into midair, thinking I was stepping off of the bottom step onto the floor. I fell flat on my face. Luckily no one was home to see it!

For some inexplicable reason over Christmas vactation, I woke up and decided that 8:30am was the perfect time for pasta and toast. I made my pasta, poured it into a platic bowl, and waited for my toast. When I saw that the toast popped up and wasn’t done, I decided that I needed to put the bowl down so I could deal with the toast. So I put it on the burner that I’d just taken the pot off of. And left it there until the toast finished. The good news is that if you let melted pastic cool, you can peel it off the burner…

Walked out of my apartment without my keys. My door locks behind me automatically. Fortunately, there was someone in the rental office who could give me a key to my apartment so that I could get back in and retrieve my keys. Fortunately I’d been planning to leave the building and so was properly bundled up, rather than freeze as I hustled over to the rental office.

Bringing up the Dread Taboo of Menstruation Methods to a certain coworker of mine (of the female persuasion).

I’ve never seen an adult actually do the Ick Ick Squick dance before.


Now I wouldn’t have said it was the dumbest thing you did; I would’ve said it was a random act of kindness to someone else.

Threw away my kid’s dexamphetamine script which had 5 repeats on it unfilled. Theoretically I can’t get another script until August 13. I’ve got this memory of taking the pills out of the pharmacy bag and thinking that I must take the script out before I tossed the bag out. Then I tossed the bag and script.

I had to go to the police station and do an affidavit about what I did with the script and now I’m waiting to hear whether the Prescriptions Authority people will allow a duplicate script to be issued.