Mistletoe: is it still a thing?

It’s a staple of Christmas decorations, enough to be a stereotype. Yet it’s been the longest time since I’ve seen anybody actually kiss under the mistletoe, no matter how much a couple loves each other? Do you or anyone you know still kiss under the mistletoe? And if not, when did it go out of fashion?

I’m always happy to find an excuse to kiss my wife.

We have mistletoe hanging in our great room. We like it so much we leave it there year-round.

Being named Baldur, it wounds. It wounds…

I’ve never actually seen it (outside if TV and movies) as part of a holiday display. Just growing in trees.

I keep waiting for it to be pilloried and banned as an enabler of rape culture…

I have sixty year old plastic mistletoe that was my grandmothers that I hang up most years. I did low key this year so it didn’t get hung.

The big tree in my front yard is covered with an abundance of mistletoe, but I have yet to see anyone kiss under it.

I’m guessing people don’t need a reason to kiss anymore, at least people they know and people don’t “steal” kisses from people they don’t know. Gone are the days of an innocent stolen kiss. Yeah I watch a lot of movies from the 30s and 40s.

I was 14 when I got my First Kiss under a mistletoe by a schoolmate at a New Years Eve party hosted by her parents.
This back in 1969. It was innocent, a quick peck from a good friend.

I’ve never seen real mistletoe on a tree. We have a sprig of plastic mistletoe hanging in the archway to our kitchen. It stays up year-round. I’ve been looking for a sprig of the real stuff to hang instead but it’s not easy to find here in PA anymore. It used to be everywhere, even gas stations sold it in little bags at Christmastime.

Ours is in the entry. Very high ceiling and took a ladder to get it up there. When my husband came down the ladder he said, that thing is staying forever or until it falls on its own. I’ll never get that knot untied.

So there it hangs, year around, going on 15 years now. Now and then I get the vacuum with all the extenders and get after it to get the dust off or make it fall whichever comes first.

People rarely notice it, except this time of year.

Mistletoe belt buckles sure don’t work. :mad:

I have mistletoe-printed underwear.

I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen the fake stuff.

It infests many trees in central California (and undoubtedly other places). For those who haven’t seen it in the wild, here is what it looks like:


and this

and I don’t know how this poor tree is still standing…

My husband and I just kissed under some artificial mistletoe.

People still do this on TV shows. It happened in the most recent episode of The Flash.