Would you kiss someone not of your preferred gender under the mistletoe?

I’m a bloke, I’m heterosexual, so there are certain times when it might be considered acceptable (by myself and others) to kiss women of the female persuasion whilst standing under the mistletoe. Women other than my wife (although I have not tested this, but others do, I know), perhaps, women toward whom I bear no particular feelings of attraction - it’s just a kind of social custom.

Does it not therefore stand to reason that someone prepared to engage in the above activity, with members of their preferred opposite sex, to whom they are not really attracted at all, should also be prepared to extend the same social courtesy to homosexual persons of their own gender (assuming of course, those people wish it to happen)?

I can’t really see why not… What say you?

Not a chance. I’d kiss a woman I wasn’t attracted to. I wouldn’t kiss a woman I was negatively attracted to (i.e. repulsed by). Men are of the latter group. It’s like asking if I’d kiss my dog. Eww eww eww.

You’re repulsed by men? <shrug> OK.

Sure! I’d kiss a girl under the mistletoe!

Gay man here. Wouldn’t have a problem kissing a woman at all, on the cheek or, depending on how well we knew each other or how well we liked each other, on the lips. This goes for whether she’s attractive or not.

If I didn’t like the person, male or female, that would factor into whether I would kiss them, as I think of mistletoe-kissing as a festive, collegial, holiday-warmth kind of thing to do. Would avoid it if I could with those I don’t like, and I think I could.

Look, a mistletoe kiss is either a peck on the cheek or a peck on the lips. No big deal really either way. It’s not an open invitation for a game of tonsil hockey so what’s the problem?

Though I think I’d prefer the peck on the cheek if it had to be a dude.

I’d have no problem kissing another woman on the cheek.

No tongue action–unless a flaming homophobe was watching & the lady was in on the joke!

No problem. Mistletoe kisses, with a few exceptions for actual affection or humor, are pecks, not open mouthed kisses. Barring open sores, I don’t have a problem with that.

If I really didn’t like the person, I might “not notice” the mistletoe with all my might, but if called on it, I’ll be a sport and offer a cheek.

I wouldn’t have any problems with kissing a male friend on the cheek or a peck on the lips. It’s all in good fun and it might upset someone :slight_smile:

I guy I don’t know, nope, no chance.

Fuck no. Men are disgusting.

As a disclaimer, I probably wouldn’t kiss any female but my wife or daughters either.

If it’s someone I know or I’m less than sober, sure. No harm done, and I haven’t had much in the way of personal boundaries in years. :wink:

I have no problem with gay people at all, but the idea of kissing a man is really repulsive to me. I would rather kiss a very ugly woman than Brad Pitt. So the answer for me is just say no under the mistletoe if it is a dude.

As several people have said, a mistletoe kiss is generally a peck on the cheek, and I wouldn’t have a problem giving another woman a friendly peck on the cheek.

Well, why not? It’d either be a hug and a french “air kiss to the cheeks”* or I could mug it up even more. But I would not play it serious, so as to not give him the wrong impression. I have not a shred of homophobia.

  • and oddly, this is exactly what I did when a Gay-co-worker did the Mistletoe thing with me for laughs.

I’d give a lady a mistletoe kiss, no hesitation! Cheeks or lips. No tongue, thank you.

I’ve always thought a mistletoe kiss was reserved for that person you’ve been flirting with all night and are probably going to end up kissing anyway. Or, it’s a joke-kiss between friends that gets a laugh.

I’d never feel obligated to kiss anyone who made me feel trapped. It’s times like that you need to carry a puppy with you so you can say “okay baby, close your eyes and pucker up,” lift up your puppy and let it lick them across the lips.

Anyhoo, if we’re friends and it’s joking, I’ll give either gender a peck on the lips.

I would give anyone of any gender or orientation (provided I do not personally dislike them for some reason) a friendly kiss under the mistletoe because I feel that friendly pecks etc is all most people are expecting and I see no harm in that. I reserve anything more intimate than that for a boyfriend.

Well, I wouldn’t kiss just any guy under the mistletoe, but I’d give a friend of either gender a peck.

I believe this is the appropriate time to link to these two strips from And Shine Heaven Now. When you put up mistletoe, remember that you put it up. :smiley:

I might kiss a guy under the mistletoe if it’s hanging in the doorway.

I probably wouldn’t kiss a guy under the mistletoe if it’s hanging on his belt buckle.

Sure, I’d give just about anyone I associate with a friendly smack on the cheek or even quick peck on the lips under the mistletoe.