What would it take you to kiss the same gender?

I was in a bar last night when a really odd thing happened–a women came up and asked me if I wanted to kiss another guy. (And yes to explain, she was doing a scavenger hunt thing for somebody’s birthday.) I turned her down. But if you were in my shoes, what would it take for you to kiss someone of the same gender on the lips? Money, a dare, or something else? And yes, I know, for gays and lesbians the question should be “what would it take you to kiss someone of the opposite gender”?

“I’ll kiss a guy if I get to kiss you too.”

Easy to say here, I suppose. I probably wouldn’t have come up with that if I was actually there.

You know, my GF and I just had our STD tests done. We both came back 100% clean. (Just by probability alone, I was sure one of us was going to come back with hep-c)

So now that I know with absolute certainty, that I’m squeaky clean, I ain’t kissing NO ONE except my GF. Heck, I won’t even drink after someone at this point.

With tongue or without?

Who exactly would I be kissing - some random guy or someone I know?

If the girl is cute, and it’s someone I know with no requirement of tongue - I would do it on a dare - or as a favour for a scavenger hunt.
Maybe asking for a beer in return, but not really necessary

Warm regard.

No thanks.

I may or may not play along, but the gender of the person I’m being asked to kiss is of absolutely no concern to me.

I would give it a shot. Every so often some other guy will want to hug me because of something that they think requires a hug. Personally I don’t think anything requires that I hug another male but I go along with the eager huggers so that they don’t look stupid. Particularly if there is a group of people around. As for kissing my general rule is that kissing is reserved for elderly female relatives, young children, people that I am having regular sexual with and people that I am trying to have sex with. So that rule would require a bit of tweaking.

It wouldn’t take much (money, a dare, etc.), no biggie. But I wouldn’t expect to get all turned on by it.


Permission from my girlfriend.

Disclaimer: I’m somewhat Bi (though I have a more narrow “type” for guys than girls), but honestly it’d be easier to kiss someone average looking* I’m not attracted to for a bet or dare or whatever than someone I am attracted to. If I’m not attracted it’s just a stupid thing, “whatever”, with the attraction it gets a bit weirder.

  • Meaning “not totally repulsive”

Hee; I’ll go along with this :slight_smile: Kissing can be the most intimate, sensual thing two people can do, or it can not matter a whit.

Slight hijack - I was watching the film Carol over the weekend and during Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara’s love scenes I very briefly pondered if it was any more difficult for either of them (assuming they’re both hetero, which I do for no reason in particular) to perform it with someone of their own gender. It only took me a fraction of a second to imagine it probably was not.

My local HS put up Cabaret. Talking with the Lit teacher (who played the Jewish grocer), I asked him “let me guess, casting was based on ‘ok, who dares…’” He laughed, a bit embarrassed, and said that yes, that had definitely been a factor.

I don’t think anybody would cast me as one of the dancers unless it was a play put up by the local Senior Home, but that’s a situation where I can’t see having much of a problem. Still would have the usual requirements of “please let us both try to avoid having The Breath Of Doom, drooling and so forth”.

For non-sexy kisses, I kiss other women all the time. Don’t even need to like 'em.

Nah, that’s what I thought of immediately as well. Assuming she was someone I’d want to kiss. In which case sure, I’d do it.

My first reaction is NO WAY, but in reality it would probably depend on:

Who the girl asking was
Who the guy was
How much drinking I had done prior
No tongue and no pics!

I’d do it if I were in a social situation where it was a somewhat normal, no-strings-attached thing to do. (I haven’t been in such a situation since college, and don’t really anticipate being in one again since it’s not the kind of thing that usually happens once you’re no longer in college, but the situation in the OP might qualify if the person I was supposed to be kissing seemed on the same page with it.)

Way back ages ago at a Dopefest, I kissed a guy for a buck. Well, half of a buck since we had to split it.

So I guess my price is 50¢ and sufficient liquor. It’s good to know where your lines are drawn.

Does it help advance the plot? (or at least will it help sell more tickets?)

I’m one of those who had the first reaction as “no way” but as I think about it, as a joke or a lark like the situation named, I could see myself doing it.