Mistress or what?

Ok so if a guy is cheating on his wife, the lady he is seeing is called a mistress. So what is it called if a Gal was cheating on her husband, what is the man called that she is seeing?

Thanks a-bunch.

Lover. Current dalliance. Boy-toy. Guy-on-the-side. Paramour.


The mattress.


Seriously, i think just “lover.” If the guy is considerably older, the term “sugar-daddy” might come into play.

I think of “sugar daddy” as more of a wealth term than an age term.

Actually, i tend to think of it in terms of both wealth and age, but your point is taken.

i have researced this question for 20 years and have never gotten an answer.

gigolo doesn’t do it even thought that is what i wound up using on my web site.

having spent several years waiting on her to get divorced my best answer would be, “dumbass.”