Who's your SugarDaddy?

If you date someone for thier money… they are your SugarDaddy or SugarMomma…

So what are they called if you date someone for sex?

(I heard someone refer to such a person as thier SugarDaddy, but i don’t think that’s the right word for it)

A male who “dates” someone for sex would possibly fit into one meaning of the word gigolo. That’s so much classier than saying “horn-dog.”

Nah, gigolos have sex for money. Horn-dog works just fine.

“Player” sort of works in this context, although I suppose players tend to go more for one-night stands than relationships.


An easily available woman for largely uncomplicated sex is a slut, piece of ass, nympho, booty baby, skank, freak, lay, layover, trim, groupie and a classic ho’. Alternately, using prepositions. she’s simply “on call,” i.e., booty call. She is one who puts out, gives in, gives it up, gets it on, gets down on it (if she really wants it), is on the down low or knows how to sneak, creep, crawl and beg.

If a pregnancy on her part occurs, then it’s your baby mama. You da baby daddy.

Horn-dog is for white males. I have it on good authority brothers prefer player, operator, instigator, lubricator and pimp, dog (or var, dawg).

If you’re a male who specializes in deflowering young girls, the movie Kids gives us the Virgin Surgeon.

When you’re too tired for all that. you give up being a player to become a coach. Word!

Not what i was looking for :frowning: … I’m pretty sure there’s a word out there… perhaps if i rephrase:

where as sugardaddy/sugarmomma describe the wealthier of the two…

if some one is REALLY sexually satisfied by thier partner… they’d call that person thier: ???

(perhaps there is no such word that i think i’m describing… but i coulda swore there was)

My friends and I usually refer to this person as our “Crack Dealer”. The sex being the “Crack” (addictive), and when you need a “hit”, that’s who you call.



That’s about the closest i could come up w/…

…but i thought that there was a term a little bit more endearing :stuck_out_tongue:

Old school answer: Lover or Paramour.

A term I like that would cover this: BONPA (bed only, no public appearances).

Many of my female friends refered to a younger man who was in a primarily sexual relationship with an older woman as a “cabana boy.”