Misuse of Pine Cleaner

But don’t some of those cleaners contain nitrates and ammonia? And can’t nitrates and ammonia be used to make explosives? Perhaps what the Feds were saying when they put the use restrictions on was something like “Let’s make sure they use Pine-Sol to wipe out dirt and grime, not blow it sky-high.”

                    Rick Payne

I always thought those warnings/ disclaimers were a not-very-cryptic means of stating that it’s illegal to use these products to get high. . .

Link to the classic column being discussed: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a4_147.html

Nope and nope. Cecil, of course, got it right again.

I did notice he neglected to mention herbicides in the column though.

I was working as a pipe fitter for an irrigation company on Kauai right after hurricane Iniki. Part of the project involved clearing away brush so we could install lines and re-plant with grass. We were forbidden to use RoundUp (a common herbicide) on many of the plants because they were not specified on the data sheet. Seems the Monsanto company hadn’t gotten around to testing it on tropical flora. We were forced to resort to the “much safer” method of killing them with a roofers torch. When we were allowed to use it, exact measurements, right down to how much soap we added, were insisted on by our field supervisors. I got the feeling that there had been some past event behind their caution.

Thanx for the eye-witness account, EvilGandhi :slight_smile:

Not that you would have to intentionally huff the stuff to get a high off of it! I loved the smell as a kid (and still today), and all I had to do to enjoy it was be anywhere in the general vicinity of the house when mom used it.

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