Misuse of the word 'Fuck'.

Just now, in the pit, I see someone using the word ‘fucktrumpet’.

What the HELL is that?

There has been a disturbing trend in the last few years to use the word ‘fuck’ as the first syllable of another unrelated word. For example, “fucktard”.

I submit that this is LAME. About as lame as doing the same thing with the word ‘ass’ (i.e. “asshat”). Ass belongs as the first syllable conjoined to exactly one word: HOLE. That’s it. Not hats, pants, shoes, cars, or spiny echidnas. Clear?

People who do this are fucking idiots, not fuckdiots. Got it?

There is value in the purity of profanity, people. Don’t mess with it!



Oh, bullshit.

There may be such value, but since your rant addressed obscenities and vulgarities with no examples of misused profanity, people will probably just laugh at your conclusion.

I used the term fucktart for the girl my brother-in-law had a fling with. Would you consider that an acceptable use?

Is this really that fuckportant?

calm the fuck down, it ain’t important

Just now, in the fuckpit, I see fucksomeone using the fuckword fuck’fucktrumpet’.

What the fuckHELL is that?

There has been a disturbing fucktrend in the last few fuckyears to use the fuckword fuck’fuck’ as the first fucksyllable of another unrelated fuckword. For example, fuck"fucktard".

I submit that this is LAME. About as lame as doing the same fuckthing with the fuckword fuck’ass’ (i.e. “fuckasshat”). FuckAss belongs as the first fucksyllable conjoined to exactly one fuckword: fuckHOLE. That’s it. Not fuckhats, fuckpants, fuckshoes, fuckcars, or spiny fuckechidnas. Clear?

People who do this are fucking fuckidiots, not fuckfuckdiots. Got it?

There is value in the fuckpurity of fuckprofanity, fuckpeople. Don’t mess with it!


Let’s do interactive limericks,

There once was a man from Fucktucket…

Apparently, that post was fucked by the fuckist.

I know I should be ashamed of myself for that one, but I enjoyed it far too much.

What a bunch of fuckechidnas…

There is no such thing as misuse of the word ‘Fuck’.

There are only new and improved versions. Fuck is one of the only pliable words we have. Don’t FUCK with it. What the Fuck?

Fuckstick, fuckhole, fuckface, fuckin’right, motherfucker! See? Good stuff.

Remember if sex is a pain in the ass yer fuckin it wrong.

So how does one actually go about using fuck incorrectly? Or for that matter correctly?

Who had a 1920’s style “Death Ray” for a —ah, fuck it.

Fucktrumpet: [noun] (fuk-trum-pet)[ul]1. The large dilated opening of a slender tube capable of accommodating the human penis.

2. Fred Phelps[/ul]


That was fucking Mcfuckfunny fuck!!

Fuck! Whoa…back to work (fucking fuckworks fucked)

This made me snort out loud.

And for it’s worth, Sam, I totally agree. I hate the “creative” swears. Calling someone an asshat instead of, say, an asshole, weakens the swearing.

Oh, fuckwaffles, all of ya.

I don’t really care, because this thread has become thoroughly entertaining.